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Our 5 Fav Venues of 2019

Minnesota Wedding Venue

Join us to review our five favorite Minnesota wedding venues that we got to photograph at in 2019! See what our absolute favs were this year!

Minnesota Wedding Venue

The Best Minnesota Wedding Venues

Let’s do this, our five favorite Minnesota wedding venues of 2019! Come explore some of the best venues that Minnesota has to offer that we were so lucky to photograph at in 2018. With outdoor farms, cottages, big curated spaces, and event centers, Minnesota has a whole lot to show off!

Fun fact: in 2019, we only shot at two venues that we’ve shot at before! Coincidentally, one venue is The Hutton House that made this list last year and (spoiler alert!) made it again this year (see our roundup of Our 5 Fav Minnesota Wedding Venues of 2018). The second is The Capitol Room that received an honorable mention on this list. Dang, our couples are bringing us to awesome venues!

Nonetheless, 2020, we’re ready for all the stunning venues you’ve got in store for us, but in the meantime, let’s look back on our favorite venues of 2019!

Honorable Mention: The Capitol Room

Last year, we got to photograph at The Capitol Room in early 2018 right as The Capitol Room had opened a few short months earlier. But when we were there, it was for a styled shoot to showcase vendors and the venue. This year, we were blessed to photograph three amazing weddings there that were all different vibes (view wedding 1, wedding 2, and wedding 3).

Honorable Mention: Jamaica

Let’s just say, Tia shot part of this wedding barefoot, so yeah, this is a winner. We LOVE being able to travel and photograph in other destinations, and it’s even better when they are on the beach. The warm sunsets, palm trees, and bright blues compliment our editing style so well, so we always love the way things turn out. This year, Jamaica was our beach destination and we loved being able to photograph in the warmth where every way we turned was a beautiful photo op.

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5. Lafayette Country Club

While Tia coached, we attended a whole lot of year-end banquets at Lafayette and have always thought it was so unbelievably beautiful. So we were so beyond excited to land a wedding at the gorgeous country club. Sami and Matt, our couple, are the perfect fit for this sophisticated venue, so they made our time here even more amazing. We love the bright whites on the exterior, tall ceilings in the ballroom, and gorgeous chandeliers.

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4. Bavaria Downs

Cam and I went to Chaska High School, so we had always known about the Bavaria Downs property and it was the talk of the town when the property was purchased and plans were made to transform it into a wedding venue. We were eager to see the property!!

Our favorite part is HANDS DOWN the amazing getting ready space. We love the light first and foremost. But we can’t stress enough how important it is to have plenty of room in a getting ready space and Bavaria Downs has plenty of that. It just really shapes the emotions and feeling leading into the wedding day and with a space this large you feel at peace and open to enjoying all of the moments that ensure (not stressed and anxious).

As well, we love the European charm at Bavaria Downs, something that we feel like the MN venue landscape was lacking before!

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3. The Hutton House

A tried and true fav! The Hutton House made our list last year too, so it’s two in a row for them! There is something about the bright whites, huge spaces, ease of design, gorgeous courtyard, and huge windows everywhere that pour in the most amazing natural light. Plus, our drive to The Hutton House is 8 minutes, soooooo, major perk over here!! We’re excited for another Hutton House wedding in 2020!!

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2. Ashery Lane

A brand new venue, we were SO excited to land up here! Ashery Lane is just absolutely gorgeous. There is something about a HUGE ceiling that just makes your jaw drop at the beauty! We loved all of the space and unique feel of the venue. The structures are clearly barn-inspired, but they take that to the next level with sophistication and modern twists. Even in a bitterly cold day, there were so many spaces to use for photos, but we are crossing our fingers to be back for a warmer day to truly take advantage of the sprawling property. Love this new property!

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1. NP Event Space and Luminary Fern

WOW. That’s all. We were so, so excited to book a wedding at NP Event Space and Luminary Fern. But after arriving on the property, it blew our expectations out of the water. From the amazing, bright bridal suite filled with space and natural light and decorated with the perfect accents (are you as obsessed with that gold mirror as I am?!) to the NP Event Space’s huge space, exposed brick, and cafe lights, it’s unreal. Add in a ceremony spot – Luminary Fern – that gives you a totally different, but complementary feel, plus a groom’s suite next door to a brewery with equally amazing details. Oh, and did we forget to mention that this is all on one gorgeous, spread-out property? Yeah, it’s to die for.

As well, after shooting 75 + weddings, we know that the ambiance and feel of a space dictates the feel of a wedding. With this property, there’s no hopping in cars to rush to the next location. You feel separated from the world, just basking in the wedding day, but you’re a few short minutes from all that Baxter has to offer. Honestly, we could go on and on, but most of all, we know that if we got married again, it wuold be here.

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