Helping people in the industry is a passion of ours, and we absolutely love to help guide, encourage, and teach people to use photography to their fullest potential! This is why we offer mentoring sessions to help educate others!

We are humbled and honored each and every time an entrepreneur reaches out for a mentorship opportunity. Let the coffee dates, friendships, and growing together begin! We’re here with full hearts and burning passion, to offer our knowledge and experiences. We truly believe in community over competition. There are no secrets to be held or anything we will hold back on sharing. We’re an open book and want to give you the push to help you blossom and grow! We are so ready to meet you and to learn all about what makes your heart tick and burst with excitement. Let's make your dreams a reality!

We also keep in close contact with all of our mentees to see how they're progressing in their journey. We want to serve as a resource to ask any other questions after the session ends. 

Here’s how it works:

cameron & tia

You’ll come up with a list of questions/topics ahead of time and we’ll talk through them! Our favorite way is cozy in home or at our studio with coffee (or wine!), the candles on, and blankets wrapped all around us.

Nothing is off limits and we are an open book. The sky is the limit, we want to chat about what you are dying to know. We can chat about posing/directing, lighting, finding your ideal client, upload/export workflow, editing, blogging, social media marketing, camera settings, delivery of images, taxes, pricing, contracts, software, and more!

MENTOR session

the starter kit

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it all started with my camera.

about us

how does it work?

We recommend starting with the one-on-two session and then choosing an add on (or three) to pair with it. But heck, this your experience, so do the one - on - two session by itself or even an add on session by itself. You create the layout you want! Scroll through all of the add ons below to find what you need. 

add ons $100 each | 1 hour each


live shoot

We will set up a rad couple session or lifestyle session that attracts your ideal client. This way you will have the opportunity to photograph a real couple with us, see how we interact with them, direct them, and find that perfect light. You’ll see our approach to posing clients and can ask questions along the way. We’ll walk through the workflow process after the shoot. The shooting experience is the bread and butter of what keeps our clients coming back; how we make the comfortable from the start, how we pose them, and most of all, how we have SO much fun with them. You will also be shooting so that we can coach you and give you feedback. We will help guide you with posing, direction, creating genuine emotion, angle creativity, etc. We will be able to pause mid-shoot to explain choices we’re making or how we would improve our approach. Of course, you can use these awesome images for your portfolio!


website critique

Your website is the handshake when a client first meets you and your work. It's so important to make a bomb first impression and convert those leads into inquiries. We’ll give tips on how to improve what you have; how to showcase your strengths, how to catch your ideal clients' eye, and why you may not be getting inquiries flooding your inbox. It’s so important to get outside opinions and perspectives on aspects like this because you can often feel emotionally connected to images. We’re able to hone in on your ideal client and sort through your website and portfolio how they would. 


live edit

The live edit pairs really nicely with the live shoot because we can import both of our images from the shoot and talk about what could have been improved and the successes of the shoot while sifting through the images. But it can also work without a Live Shoot and then we’ll just ask that you bring a gallery of RAW images. We’ll talk about importing, backup systems, and editing tips and tricks. We can work through troubleshooting and how we speed up our workflow. 


branding workshop

Let’s talk branding, ideal clients, attracting and repealing leads, and more! This is a key aspect in the growth of our business that we love to teach about. We’ll even get to the nitty gritty of logos, colors, and copy. In this workshop, we’ll evaluate the parts and pieces that you already have established and work to revamp and add-on to those concepts to get you booking your ideal client!


headshot session

There is nothing more important on social media than showing your face and sharing your soul. We will snap some headshots for you so that you have some awesome photos of yourself to share. The tripod can only do so much. We can either cull and edit the images (maximum of 50 images) or we can shoot on your card and you can take home the RAWs to edit and share. If we shoot on your card, we just ask that you always credit the image “Photo by Cameron & Tia, edit by me!”

ADD ON options


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