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Posing for Purpose

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All of our signature wedding photography products in one bundle so you can save! Grab our Wedding Guide Template, Email Templates, and Questionnaire to be ready to rumble!

The Wedding Photographer Essentials Bundle

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The Consultation Simulation


The Wedding Guide Template


The Wedding Email Templates

No time, no problem! Snag our time-saving templates and show up like a pro!

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The Cameron & Tia Preset


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The Wedding Questionnaire

Posing Guide

We've put together the 20 best joyful and emotional, movement-based prompts for couples. Take your posing system from just basic poses for pretty pictures to a full experience for your couples.

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Why waste your time creating a workflow of your own? Instead, steal ours, done for you! You just personalize and you're ready to launch a rockin' wedding workflow!

The bundle is the best way to invest in your client workflow. You have the tools to aid your clients from start to finish, plus you save a bit of moo-lah!

Grab the bundle of The Wedding Guide Template, The Wedding Email Templates, and The Wedding Questionnaire. Help your clients plan a stress-free wedding by educating them with The Wedding Guide Template. Stop staring at blinking cursor and get back to your couples ASAP with The Wedding Email Templates. And get prepared for their wedding with The Wedding Questionnaire.


The Wedding Essentials Bundle

Need to know:

Gorgeously designed, 94-page Wedding Guide template delivered via Canva for you to customize and publish!

25 must-have Wedding Email Templates that every photographer needs to execute a flawless client workflow!

The Wedding Questionnaire is filled with 46 questions to see the wedding day through your couples' lenses and get prepped!

Your couples long for a stress-free planning process and the perfect wedding day... but no one has ever educated them on HOW to make that happen!! *CUE The Wedding Guide Template*

Presenting: a done-for-you wedding guide template to uplevel your client experience and blow away couples! *Ta-da!* The guide is 94 pages worth of gold to make your clients' wedding planning process go smoother and to help you through their planning process and wedding day. Engagement session prep, timeline creation, tips for personalizing your day, and more - cut through redundant FAQ emails and instead send your clients this amazing guide. You'll be answering their questions before they even know they have them. Inbox zero - here you come! 


The Wedding Guide Template

Need to know:

Your guide comes in Canva format - easy to personalize and get in your clients' hands. You can print through or digitally publish. 

The Template comes with 94 pages of done-for-you copy perfected through years of wedding experience. 

You just personalize, add your photos, logo, and colors and that's it! It's ready to rumble after a few hours of customization.

25 must-have email templates for every successful wedding photographer. Email is sucking up way too much of your time. No-one every told you that being a photographer ALSO meant being your own customer service representative, but you know that client experience matters.

Grab Cameron & Tia's 25 pre-made email responses professionally written by us. It will greatly improve your clients' experience working with you while saving you loads of time. The templates follow a full client workflow from inquiry to gallery delivery with extras ranging from answering common questions and tricky situations, preparing clients for their engagement session and wedding, and working with vendors.

Stop staring at your blinking cursor and get to work! 


The Wedding Email Templates

Need to know:

Formatted in an easy-to-navigate Canva file so that you can copy and paste in seconds. 

Contains a guide to help you navigate customizing, personalizing, and how to hit "send" with confidence!

25 templates from inquiry all the way through gallery delivery! It includes prepping clients for engagement sessions, answers to sticky request, vendor delivery emails.

Ever wondered how to be best prepared for a wedding? Are you unsure about what information to gather? Or perplexed on what to bring to the wedding?
This handy-dandy questionnaire will solve all of those problems. This MASSIVE questionnaire is how we gather all of the necessary information to serve our clients *so well* on their wedding day. Information on logistics, final timelines, vendors, and VIPS is all covered in this questionnaire.

Don't start from scratch. Let us do the work for you by swiping the copy from this questionnaire. Years of experience has helped us refine this questionnaire to make sure we aren't missing anything needed. 


The Wedding Questionnaire

Need to know:

The questionnaire is delivered via google forms to allow you to input the questions into your own CRM like Honeybook!

46 questions to get to the root of what you need to know. With this information, you'll be serving like a pro!

Take or leave what you want and what you need, but don't start from scratch. Swipe this questionnaire to save yourself time!

Are you struggling to convert leads to buying customers at the consultation step? Do you have no idea what to say or how to sell without coming across sale-sy? Or are you just wanting to get ideas for how to spruce up your own sales process?

Banish the sweaty-palm panic and step into your role as the experience guide with conviction. Steal our workflow and sales strategy and infuse your personality and brand.

Use this product to feel confident and in control of your sales process. Your clients will leave ready to book and the *cha-ching* PAID is right around the corner!


The Consultation Simulation

Need to know:

 Includes a 14-page PDF guide. The guide walks you through the "why" behind each intentional choice we make in the consultation.

Includes a 28-minute video. The video is a simulation: you are the client and you can watch Tia guide you through the entire process.

You can re-watch and re-learn as many times as you would like. Access is unlimited.

You've found that you've never fit into into a standard box of light and airy or dark and moody. Instead, you want your images to feel crisp, vibrant, and alive. You want to represent your client's and their choices - clothing, backdrops, wedding colors, and more in an authentic, true-to-life fashion but boosted! Think colorful and fun while still keeping the images clean and not bogged down with too much warmth. 

We use this preset for it all: couples, families, flash photography, sparklers, and anything else you can imagine.

Tired of editing for hours and still not getting the look you want? Fed up with presets that make your images look nothing like real life? Meet The Cameron & Tia Preset, your new editing BFF.

Cameron & Tia Presets

Need to know:

Inside the pack, you receive the color and black & white preset. Presets for Lightroom Classic and CC.

You also receive a thank you video showing you how to import the preset, how to apply the preset, and a quick editing tutorial. 

Preset was tested to work on every type of images, style and gear. Get natural photos in just a click or two!


The 20 Best Prompts for Couples

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