You are constantly scrambling to memorize a list of poses

We thought that the key to posing was to memorizing a bunch of poses. We wrote down lists and lists. We tried to memorize the order and make them connect seamlessly.  But even with all of the memorization, we were just getting pretty photos. The clients looked fine, but there was no connection or emotion. They were flat and dull. They didn't represent our clients and their season of life. We knew there had to be a better way. Do any of these sound like you?

we found ourselves panicked and stressed while walking our clients to their portrait location

before our posing system

your images are falling flat and lack dynamics and emotion

You need more client referrals to keep your business afloat

gain access to the posing system that transformed our biz (and our lives!)


Solid ways to banish the nerves and go into every shoot confident and prepared

A fail-proof posing system filled with variety and room for creativity (bye, bye memorized lists)

A self-analyzation of your posing pain points and ideas of how to improve your weaknesses

An understanding of how to take your sessions from just pretty photos to a client experience

by the end of this program, you will have:

but guess what?

It doesn't have to be that way.

100% Online Lessons. Unlimited, Lifetime Access. You can learn from home at your own pace

Access to a Private, Student-Only Facebook Community for support and guidance on your journey. You'll meet your new photography besties

100 Page Digital Workbook outlining course concepts with image result examples and Prompt Playbook with 75 of our favorite prompts

37 Lessons, including 12 In Action raw footage Sessions of real shoots. No plan. Just real life. 

8 Training Modules with 10+ hours of engaging lessons jam-packed with tangible takeaways and a-ha moments.

(A $1,397 Value)

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you'll get:


Posing for Purpose

You've started your photography business recently. Clients are starting to knock on your door, but there's one big problem.  You feel panicked walking your clients to their portrait location. You're constantly memorizing poses and dreading the moment when you freeze up. 

Or maybe you've been doing this for a bit and you've found your stride. But sessions seem to fall flat. Their repetitive, they don't reflect your clients, and they lack dimension and dynamics. You need something to pull you out of this funk or just plain take you to the next level. 

Business is good. You're pretty darn amazing at taking pretty photos. But your sessions lack an intentional experience for your client. And so they leave sessions feeling fine. But they are definitely not raving about you. You know that more referrals could create the business you've always dreamed of. 

Before we break down this life-changing program, let's talk about who this is really for...

sound familiar?

our students' transformations from before and after taking posing for purpose

real students with real results

"I am able to take photos of the laughter and the joy my clients had and the love they have for one another instead of just them smiling at the camera. The photoshoot has become an experience for my clients and for me, too! I have not looked back with this investment and it’s probably one of the few photography investments that I’ve never regretted one bit!

found her business' purpose & became more confident 


"I went from the mission of wanting to take photos of my clients to wanting to take photos of moments for my clients."



"I’m just popping in here to say if you’re not in Cameron and Tia’s posing course...What are you doing??? Literally amazing. Game-changing. Had my first wedding today after watching the videos. And YALL. This is the EASIEST I have ever been able to get an idea of pose to my clients 😭The best course I have ever taken. GET WITH IT👏🏾" - Jada L.

joined the course before she ever shot a wedding


Now she's an elopement photographer in Tennessee, known as the ultimate hype woman by her clients



By taking the course, I felt more confident immediately going into my photoshoots. I felt prepared and that I was capable of providing the best experience while getting some AMAZING photos. I constantly get the feedback that my shoots are effortless, fun, and my clients were laughing the whole time. This course revolutionized the way I take my photos and my overall experience with my clients. 

transformed from newbie to seasoned professional


"GAME CHANGER! I don't think I would be where I am in my journey if I didn't take this course up front."






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We're Cameron & Tia

Meet your Teachers

we help photographers build businesses & lives full of freedom & Creativy

Met in 2nd grade and became high school sweethearts

Ex-lawyer & ex-dance teacher turned business partners

Built a six-figure photography business

Live in Minneapolis, MN

Paw-rents to an adopted pup, Bella

1. Welcome to the course
2. how to successfully complete the course

In this module, we set the framework for a successful course completion. We layout the best ways to approach the course with guidance on how to apply your tangible takeaways.

Course Introduction

Module 1

next module overview

1. Posing as a marketing tool
2. why posing matters to your clients

After the framework is laid down, we dive right into our Posing for Purpose Method. We teach how this is our number one marketing tool and how posing can turn your clients into raving fans.

Understanding Posing for Purpose

Module 2

next module overview

1. introduction to the four "cons"
2. "con" #1: Confidence
3. "con" #2: Control
4. "con" #3: Constant feedback
5. "con" #4: connection
6. reflection of the four "cons"

We dive into the Four "Cons" - confidence, control, constant feedback, and connection. We correct weaknesses to help you serve your clients to the best of your ability.

The Four "Cons" of Posing Framework

Module 3

next module overview

1. the simple six
2. infusing variations
3. the simple six in action
4. the anatomy of prompts
5. prompts in action

Here is where we break down our signature Posing for Purpose Method. We dive into how to execute each of these steps.

The Posing for Purpose Method

Module 4

next module overview

1. pre-shoot preparation
2. starting and finishing your sessions
3. troubleshooting potential challenges

This module focuses on the implementation of your learnings. We teach pre-shoot preparation, how to start and finish your sessions, and how to troubleshoot potential challenges. 

Action Time

Module 5

next module overview

This module includes lessons on both couples posing on a wedding day and bridal party wrangling. It also includes four In Action lessons featuring two different wedding days.

Wedding Day Posing

Module 6

next module overview

1. couples portraits: the how-to
2. hot summer day: bride and groom in action
3. fall celebration: bride and groom in action
4. bridal party wrangling: the how-to
5. hot summer day: bridal party in action
6. fall celebration: bridal party in action
7. family portraits at the wedding

next module overview

See how we apply the Posing for Purpose Method to all kinds of portrait session types. We break down seniors (and solo portraits) and families.

Portrait Session Posing

Module 7

1. posing seniors (or solo portraits): the how-to
2. senior girl in action
3. senior girl in action part 2
4. senior boy in action
5. posing families: the how-to
6. young family in action
7. older family in action
8. bonus: family session gone wrong
9. couples session in action

back to the beginning

In the final module, we focus on the end result. We give you measurable outcomes to evaluate your progress. We break down what success for your client and what success for you will look like. 

What Success Looks Like

Module 8

1. success for your clients
2. success for you
3. let's celebrate!

We don't cover it up with music overlaid, cutting out chunks when the posing got a bit awkward, or muting ourselves.

We are mic'ed up and the tape it rolling! You can hear everything that we say and see everything that we do!

12 full behind the scenes videos of real life shoots ranging from wedding days to instructional sessions out in the field

See the video rolling, hear us directing, and see the image results all side by side

what are these in action sessions you keep mentioning?

breaking down

The In Action Sessions




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Let's Talk about this Bonus

because we love a cherry on top

This In Action family session features three young daughters. We got a surprise snow storm early in October and the young girls were freezing. They weren’t feeling it. In fact, the youngest daughter screamed for 90% of the session. We had recorded the session in hopes that it could be added to the course. But when we got in the car we turned to each other, scared, and asked if we needed to rerecord a new family session. But we realized that our students could learn so much more from this crazy session than a session with well-behaved children. So we’re added this In Action lesson to the course as a bonus. We hope you so enjoy (but make sure to turn down your volume for all the shrieking). 

The Family Session Gone Wrong


we know that’s it's not always smooth sailing!


I’ve been dreaming of creating an amazing experience for my couple sessions and now it's happening!  I have learned how to implement an efficient posing process, create an AMAZING experience that my clients rave about, and how to walk into every session confidently! Not to mention learning while surrounded by an amazing community and the best mentors Cameron & Tia! 

I am creating my dream photography business at the age of 16 because of this course!! Posing for Purpose is such a game-changer! 


It’s opened up a world of creative freedom and being able to connect with clients since I’m not worried about how to pose them. What I learned that was most impactful to my business was the connection between the couple and the couple to me! I learned how truly important it is for couples to trust me to produce top tier results that they’re thrilled with.

My favorite part of the course was walking away with confidence! Instead of relying on Pinterest photos for sessions, I now have a fool proof system to rely on.


Posing for Purpose has been amazing!! It has helped me become more confident during shoots and have tons of posing prompts in my back pocket! I have been able to elevate my client experience x1000! I have loved watching the In Action sessions and getting inspo for my sessions. This has been critical in building my business.

UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING! I know I wouldn't be where I am in my journey if I didn't take this course right when I started my biz.




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word on the street

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ooey-gooey, emotional, joy
filled photos

like these?

I can't wait to create images and an experience for my client's that knocks them out of the water. I'm no longer letting fear hold me back. I'm ready to conquer my posing hang ups and get creative.

I'm sold. 

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