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The 3 Biggest Posing Myths Debunked




You are constantly scrambling to memorize a list of poses

We thought that the key to posing was to memorizing a bunch of poses. We wrote down lists and lists. We tried to memorize the order and make them connect seamlessly.  But even with all of the memorization, we were just getting pretty photos. The clients looked fine, but there was no connection or emotion. They were flat and dull. They didn't represent our clients and their season of life. We knew there had to be a better way. Do any of these sound like you?

we found ourselves panicked and stressed while walking our clients to their portrait location

here's what you'll learn

your images are falling flat and lack dynamics and emotion

You needing more client referrals to keep your business afloat

Calling all photographers who are craving a posing experience for your clients that they rave about! You don't want to miss this [FREE] training!


Will it be live?

Absolutely! We'll save time for Q&A at the end of the webinar.  

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About an hour!

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We photograph weddings, seniors, and families looking for an experience like no other. They aren't interested in the norm and want to blaze their own trail. We teach photographers how to cultivate an experience for their clients that in turn, creates a life they've always dreamed of, full of freedom and creativity.

We met in second grade at Jonathan elementary school. Sixteen years later, Cameron proposed to Tia at that same elementary school. From there, we took our dreams full-time as high school sweethearts turned business partners. We are all about decorating our new build, Goff HQ, exploring with our adopted mutt, Bella, and creating cozy cocktails to enjoy with friends and family.

We're Cameron & Tia: high school sweethearts, photographers, and educators

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