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In second grade, Cam sported frosted tips and Tia was rarely seen wearing no less than 6 different bright colors (unless of course it was her signature 100% hot pink outfit). The two were students at Jonathan Elementary, a spot where sixteen years later Cam proposed to Tia. In September 2016, they were married at Birch Hill Barn on the most perfect fall day. Their childhood friend pronounced them husband and wife, Tia’s grandma was the flower girl (flower crown and all), and they shared their first dance to “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes. They now live in the ‘burbs in their new build that they are constantly collecting and decorating with their colorful, mid-century modern style. They spend their time together chasing after their puppy Bella, driving the North Shore with the windows down and Bon Iver blasting, or cuddled on the couch with The Office in the background planning their next adventure.

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Working with your Partner 

to Create a Fulfilled Life

Cameron & Tia's most frequently asked question, from other business owners to random Aunts at weddings, is "how do you work with your spouse?" Many are surprised to hear that through systems, checks and balances, and clear cut roles, they work seamlessly together. It's one of their greatest secret weapons in their business. They balance out each others' strengths and weaknesses and have a companion to go through the highs and lows. In fact, it's one of their lives' greatest accomplishments. In this training, Cameron & Tia are teaching you how we make it work, both logistically in the business and personally, in their relationship. Through personality tests, distinctly structured roles, and work/life boundaries, they are showing you how to create a business that functions with your spouse. 


The 5 Best-Kept Secrets

to WOW your cleints

This talk is how to transform photography clients into raving fans with these mind-blowing strategies. Early on, they were lost. They didn't know how to run a business, let alone how to provide a jaw-dropping client experience. When you dive into a photography business, there is no college major that gives you the road map to build a profitable and fulfilling business. They vividly remember jumping in, feeling lost, and burning the candle from both ends as they tried to build the business of their dreams. Through trial and error, they found that serving clients with an unforgettable experience transformed them into raving fans. They spread the word about our business for them. By the end of this training, you will know how to leave your clients raving about you, and acting as the biggest advocates for your biz and Book 10's of thousands of additional dollars through their signature Bridesmaid Buy In Strategy.



Creating Video Content

that converts

With an audience of 65,000 photographers following and engaging with Cameron and Tia's video content on TikTok, they know what it takes to create binge-worthy content. But even more important, they know how that video content can transform their bottom line. They have made 10's of thousands of dollars in education thanks to their highly converting video content. In addition, their service side of their business has seen the same uptick in sales from weddings to seniors that discovered Cameron & Tia on TikTok. In this talk, they show you how to not just feel like you're stuck in a hamster wheel of creating content, but instead how to transform your content into highly engaging, highly converting material for your business. 



The Posing for Purpose Method

that Transforms Clients into Raving Fans

Before their posing system, they found themselves panicked and stressed while walking their clients to their portrait location. We thought that the key to posing was to memorizing a bunch of poses. They wrote down lists and lists. They tried to memorize the order and make them connect seamlessly. But even with all of the memorization, they were just getting pretty photos. The clients looked fine, but there was no connection or emotion. They were flat and dull. They didn't represent their clients and their season of life. They knew there had to be a better way. Enter the Posing for Purpose Method. The Posing for Purpose Method takes static poses, infuses variations, and adds in prompts. The goal is to capture clients how they naturally are but with plenty of direction. This talk is typically about 50% talk and 50% demonstration, but can be modified as desired.


Talk & Live Demo

Our Speaking Topics

Cameron & Tia

Cameron & Tia are wedding photographers and educators based in Minneapolis, MN. They met in second grade at Jonathan Elementary School. Sixteen years later, Cameron proposed to Tia at that same elementary school. Cameron is an ex-attorney and Tia is a past dance teacher who transformed their passions into a career that allows them to have a life together filled with independence and tons of travel. Now, they teach others to others to create the same flexibility and freedom in their own businesses.

They are all about decorating their new build, Goff HQ, exploring with their adopted mutt, Bella, and creating cozy cocktails to enjoy with friends and family. There is no adventure too big or small for Cameron & Tia. They can spend a relaxing night doing facemasks and re-watching Ted Lasso, enjoy a Minnesota summer day out on the boat, or embark on an epic three week trip around Europe. 

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Tia Goff

Tia Goff is one half of Cameron & Tia with husband, Cameron. They are wedding photographers and educators based in Minneapolis, MN. They met in second grade at Jonathan Elementary School. Sixteen years later, Cameron proposed to Tia at that same elementary school. From there, they took their dreams full-time as high school sweethearts turned business partners. 

On your wedding day, you know it will be better with Tia in tow. Known for her bubbly personality, ability to get along with groomsmen and grandmas alike, and crazy posing style, she’s the perfect add-on bridesmaid. As an educator, Tia is a hype woman ready to cheer you and your business on. She’s an open book, prepared to strategize and take your photography business to the next level. Tia loves decorating their new build with her midcentury, colorful style, going on hot girl walks with their adopted mutt Bella, and hosting themed costume parties with yummy cocktails, charcuterie boards, and ridiculous games. 

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Cameron Goff

Cameron Goff is one half of Cameron & Tia with wife, Tia. They are a wedding photographers and educators based in Minneapolis, MN. They met in second grade at Jonathan Elementary School. Sixteen years later, he proposed to Tia at that same elementary school. From there, they took our dreams full-time as high school sweethearts turned business partners. 

Cameron is the definition of cool, calm, and collected. Pair that with insane business strategy, tech knowledge that will blow you out of the water, and a passion for continual learning and you've got the winning combination that makes up Cam. As an educator, Cam is always generating new ideas and strategies for their students.  With biking and playing football, Cam also loves consuming content. He loves the podcasts Anthropocene Reviewed, Lovett or Leave It, Pod Save America, Opening Arguements, The Memory Palace and Heavyweight. On YouTube, he watches Linus Tech Tips, Good Mythical Morning, Hot Ones, and Peter McKinnon.

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