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We are high school sweethearts, photographers, and educators. We are dedicated to helping you stand out from the crowd, whether that's photographing your wedding that is like no other or leading photographers down a brand new path to their wildest dreams.

We are Cameron & Tia

based in minneapolis, minnesota


We photograph weddings, seniors, and families looking for an experience like no other. They aren't interested in the norm and want to blaze their own trail. We teach photographers how to cultivate an experience for their clients that in turn, creates a life they've always dreamed of, full of freedom and creativity.

We met in second grade at Jonathan elementary school. Sixteen years later, Cameron proposed to Tia at that same elementary school. From there, we took our dreams full-time as high school sweethearts turned business partners. We are all about decorating our new build, Goff HQ, exploring with our adopted mutt, Bella, and creating cozy cocktails to enjoy with friends and family.

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Posing Guide

We've put together the 20 best joyful and emotional, movement-based prompts for couples. Take your posing system from just basic poses for pretty pictures to a full experience for your couples.

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Love Notes


Not only do they do great work, but they also are a true example of what to strive for as a newlywed couple. Any other bride and grooms are very lucky to work with them.


You guys exceeded in ALL areas of the customer experience. From your communication, managing my expectations, to the photo shoot itself, to delivering on your commitments. We loved every minute.


All I can say is WOWZA! It was an evening filled with some adventure and a whole lot of laughter. Together, they work as a team to capture the pictures that help tell *your* story. 

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Come join almost 1,000 other photographers as part of our education community. Here, you can discover our latest resources and read all of the juiciest blog posts for building your biz. You're not in this alone, we're here for you!

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All of the templates, graphics, and short cuts to take your biz to the next level. We've taken the path before you and would love to layout the fastest and most efficient way to get you where you want to go. Come shop!

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The Cameron & Tia Show

Whether you're dying for business tips, gear reviews, or you just want to learn a bit about our life behind the lens,  our Youtube Channel is a perfect resource for you! Videos coming in hot every single Thursday! 

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We're Cameron &  Tia, high school sweethearts, photographers, and educators based in Minneapolis, MN.

Our 20 Best Joyful & Emotional, Movement-Based Prompts for Couples!

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