Getting Ready Outfits

Jun 20

Getting Ready Outfits for the Off Beat Bride

Picking out your getting-ready-outfits might be one of the lasts concerns you have as you plan out your wedding. However, the getting ready process can definitely set the tone for the rest of your big day. This includes how you and your bridesmaids are feeling as you all get ready together! We’ve all seen the flannel and robes, and while that might totally fit your vibe, know there are tons of other fun ideas that are outside the box!

Mismatching Robes

Normally, we see the bridesmaids all matching, but test out something a little different, like mismatching robes. They can all be the same colors or in the same color theme, but this way each bridesmaid gets to choose what they will be most comfortable in as they get ready. Plus, you will still be the only one in white so we promise mismatching robes won’t steal your thunder!

Getting Ready Outfits for the Off Beat Bride

Casual Pajama Set

Nothing says comfy quite like pajamas! We are obsessed with this idea, because who doesn’t like to hang out in their pjs all day?! You can pick out a set that has pants, shorts, nightgown and do whatever colors or patterns you want. In love with these!!

Getting Ready Outfit ideas for pajama sets

Boxer Shorts

We know what you’re thinking, it seems weird but in all honesty, boxers are super comfy! And they don’t have to be men’s boxers, they can just be cute pj shorts with a little customization. It could have their names or just the word, bridesmaid. This idea is almost stupid simple and easy. Best part, is this way your brides can wear whatever they want on top, or you can pair a simple t-shirt customized or plain!

Getting Ready Outfits for the Off Beat Bride

Jumpsuits or Rompers

Jumpsuits and rompers completely eliminate any hassle of picking out a matching bottom and top. Just one piece for everyone to fall in love with. Like, how cute are these?! Whether it’s a cold or hot weather wedding, you can adjust easily so no one gets too cold or too hot!

Getting Ready Outfits for the Off Beat Bride

Getting Ready Outfits Inspo

So many options, but we swear there’s an option that is perfect for you and your bridesmaids so you are stylish and comfortable while you get ready for your big day!

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