Blogging for Photographers: The Why Behind It

Jul 8

Is Blogging Dead?

Blogging for photographers is a cray topic. Oh gosh, okay, we probably shouldn’t have opened this can of worms. Yes, many will say that blogging is dead, or at least isn’t as effective as years ago when people would follow blogs religiously.

And yet, we still blog. And it’s more than just the SEO or the credibility that it brings.

Blogging for Photographers: Cameron & Tia Photography Education

We LOVE to use our blog to educate our clients. Let’s take the first look. We know that it would benefit us BIG TIME if every single one of our clients did a first look. It eases up the schedule and it allows us time to create beautiful portraits for our couples. So to us, that’s reason enough to educate our clients on the positives of a first look. But even more importantly, we believe a first look is the best choice for our clients because it serves them best – they get alone time, they get the weight of portraits off their shoulders before even getting married, they have time to enjoy portraits with their friends and families, and again, it gets them more portraits. So y’all, if we feel that strongly about something, we’ve got to educate our clients.

Photographer Education for Beginners
Blogging for Photographers: Cameron & Tia Photography Education

Create a Home for Education

With all kinds of topics like this, we create a home for them on our blog. We put together blog posts to answer all of the nitty-gritty details of these topics. See our First Look blog post here.

But we don’t just put all of our sweat and tears into drafted up this blog, post it, and be like “peace, hope it convinces someone to do a first look.” Nooooo, we also share it in our private brides’ Facebook community. We allow them to engage there (which results in past brides commented on how much they looooved doing a first look aka doing the convincing for us). Then, when someone asks our opinion on a first look, instead of typing 300 words about our thoughts, we direct them to this blog post. When our clients book with us, we are going to draft up a timeline for them. We go ahead and send them this blog post before they choose whether or not they want a first look. We repurpose this content over and over to educate our clients, which helps us serve them well.

First look education for photographers by Cameron & Tia

Answer FAQs

So what are your FAQs? What are you asked about over and over? If I ever find myself typing something more than once, we know we need to pause, and create a blog post or template. Don’t waste your own time typing something again and again. Create a home for these answers. Take a second today to reflect on what you’re being asked most. Then, get those answers in a place that you can share over and over. Here are a few of our posts to get you started thinking:

Pro Makeup for your E-Session

Wedding Day Details Worthy of being Published

Remember a Dress Practice

Education for photography basics and marketing
Blogging for Photographers: Cameron & Tia Photography Education

Yo! You into this?! Okay, we’ll share with ya one of our most downloaded guides: How To Conquer the First 15 Minutes of your Shoot! Click below!

Free Educational guide

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