Remember a Dress Practice

Aug 1

We know we talk about a lot of seemingly obviously topics, but if it were 100% obvious we promise we wouldn’t dedicate an entire blog post to it! There are brides out there who don’t ever try on their dress after they get it from the dress shop. So to ALL the brides (especially the ones with complicated dresses) take time before your wedding to try on your dress. Do a quick wedding dress practice and you’ll have peace of mind!

The Hutton House bride getting ready in bridal suite Wedding Dress Practice

Why? Few quick reasons.

  1. Check on any alterations or see if you need any new alterations.
  2. Check if your shoes are the right height. Are they too high or too flat for the length of your dress? Do they go with the dress?
  3. Check if your undergarments go well with the dress. Do they bunch up? Do you need to buy different undergarments?
  4. How long does it take to put on your dress? Sounds silly, but every second counts during your jam-packed wedding day, so see how long it actually takes so you don’t have to rush.
  5. Do you know how to lace up you dress? If it’s just a zipper or something simple, then no big deal. But if you mom or maid of honor has to lace it up, have them practice ahead of time. That they it doesn’t take five times the day of, because sometimes third time isn’t the charm!

Sounds simple, but seriously we highly suggest a wedding dress practice. It definitely won’t hurt!

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