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Wedding Planner or Not?

Unsure whether or not you need a wedding coordinator? Take a read into this guest blog post by Andrea Marie Events + Design

This blog post is brought to you by Andrea, of Andrea Marie Events + Design, who’s offering up her expertise on the why’s and how’s of wedding coordination. More on Andrea can be found here.

Why to hire a wedding coordinator

This one is for all of those out there who have thought to yourself ‘why do we even need a wedding coordinator?’

Wedding details at the Capitol Room wedding coordination

At Andrea Marie Events + Design, we offer day-of wedding coordination services. For this post, we really want to lay out why we believe that a wedding coordinator adds so much value to you and your fiancé.  Yes… you could say that we’re a TINY bit biased 🙂 But check out our reasoning below, with a sneak peek into what your wedding day would look like with a wedding coordinator!

Light blush wedding details

Party of a Lifetime

First thing is first. Your wedding is definitely going to be one of the biggest parties you and your fiancé will EVER throw. Take a moment to sit back and think about how awesome that is! Whatever you and your fiancé value most about your wedding day, chances are it doesn’t include you, your family, or your friends alphabetizing and setting your escort cards, folding your napkins, or designing your dessert table. Nobody loves the idea of having your mom working on your wedding day to keep everyone on schedule, right?!

cute getting ready attire for a Capitol Room bride

What if you could have someone involved in your wedding day, working FOR YOU, and knowing the intimate details of your big day? This person would take over a few months before your wedding day, handling all vendor communication, and creating a timeline that captures everything you’ve imagined this day to be. You and your fiancé can spend those last few months of engagement in a state of bliss with honeymoon dreams, rather than a state of stress… sounds amazing, right?!

Reception Details at the Capitol Room

Here’s How it Works

You guys, this person exists! A wedding coordinator is out there for you to fulfill your wedding coordination dreams.  Here’s a quick sneak peek into what a wedding day would look like with Andrea Marie Events + Design:

Placecards and reception details at The Capitol Room

The night before:

  • Andrea and her team will lead your ceremony rehearsal. We will make sure everyone involved from the ushers to the officiant and those in between feel comfortable.

The wedding morning:

  • Andrea starts the morning by checking in with the couple to make sure all beauty vendors have arrived.
  • We bring all of your ‘details’ to your final getting ready site for the photographers to begin capturing their detail shots (think of the beautiful photos of invitations, programs, rings, dresses, jewelry, veil).
  • Andrea and team pick up a few rentals on the way to the venue. This could be your rented linens or your dessert. Anywhere we can save you some moolah on delivery fees!
  • The team then heads to the venue to meet all of your vendors, working with them to ensure their timeline and setup is occurring as expected. Any problems that arise will be immediately handled by Andrea and team.
  • We begin to set up all personal décor that the couple has provided. This is typically décor for the gift table, bar signage, memorial and photo tables, seating assignments, and centerpieces.

The wedding afternoon:

  • Andrea and team check in with and bring lunch to the wedding party. Have a bridesmaid or who forgot her eyelash glue? Maybe a groomsman who tore a hem? No fret! Andrea’s emergency kit will have just what you need.
  • The team decorates the ceremony space as needed, laying aisle runners, sprinkling rose petals, setting out programs, and performing a count of the ceremony chairs to be sure all guests have plenty of room to take a seat!
  • We assist in the reception space setup, ensuring every design element is incorporated as planned, every table has the correct number of chairs, and your champagne flutes on the head table are full!
  • The team connects with the photographers to confirm we’re staying on schedule. We will greet family members as they arrive for family photos.
  • Andrea tucks the bride away with her wedding party until the ceremony begins. We chat with ushers and personal attendants to remind them of their responsibilities as your guests begin to arrive.
  • Time for the ceremony! Andrea sends the bridal party down the aisle, and keeps the little ring bearers and flower girls at bay until it’s their turn.
  • We close the ceremony doors, and prepare for the presentation of the bride or groom! If you’ve got a train, we’ll be there to adjust it just right for your walk down the aisle.

The wedding evening:

  • The team ushers guests from cocktail hour to the reception area. We will keep the night on schedule starting with a cue to the DJ for the grand march, dismissing dinner tables, and sending cues for speeches and first dances.
  • No need to worry about your gifts and cards – our team will have them brought to a secure location.
  • Andrea and team are now experts at late night food pickup and layout! It won’t be the first time we’ve had 22 pizzas strapped in their own seat belts in Andrea’s SUV.
  • The team tears down décor with other vendors. We pack up your personal items the same manner that they arrived to the venue, and place them in the designated location for transportation home.
Classic black and white first dance

Wedding Coordination Bliss

At the end of the day, Andrea Marie Events + Design is here for you so that your guests can be guests, and you and your new wife or hubby can enjoy every second of your wedding day. That is the beauty of wedding coordination!

Why to hire a wedding coordintor

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