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Our Atlanta Trip

This past weekend, we were hired to head down to Atlanta for a Saturday through Monday trip! We spent a quick 48 hours in the city exploring (and photographing) and here’s our guide to the best spots!

Fall Atlanta Exploring

Some photos are ours. The others are sourced from @coolatlanta.

This past weekend, we were hired to head down to Atlanta for a Saturday through Monday trip! We spent a quick 48 hours in the city exploring (and photographing)! I had only been as a kid and Cam had only flown through the airport, so we were excited to get to see what it was all about. Summary: we looooved it!! First, it was the second week of November and most of our weather was 65 degrees and sunny. Yes, that’s the dream for us two fall lovers! Second, everything is so cute! Like every brewery/restaurant/shopping area is new and thoughtfully branded and trendy and just the best evaaaaa! Like we didn’t even know Atlanta was so cool!

We wanted to share a recap blog post of this trip because 1. We love being able to look back on these posts and see the memories all over again (one of our favs to look back on and share anytime someone asks for recommendations is our Nashville Trip Recap) and 2. We wanted to share the itinerary of exactly what we did so that anyone traveling to Atlanta has an idea of some of our favorite spots! So without further ado, let’s get after it!

Day One

We met us with our groom Chris, and grabbed an easy lunch at Gusto! It’s a chain that’s such a cool concept – they have flavor combos that are made into either grains or greens bowls. While we have a lot of fun salads places in Minneapolis, there’s nothing quite like this with the flavor combos that can pair with rice!

Then, we got ready for their shoot. We headed over to Ponce City Market. Ponce City Market is a HUGE market, partially outdoors and partially indoors filled with trendy chain stores, chic boutiques, and all of the food and dessert options you could ever want (like, hello Life Just Got Batter – a raw cookie dough place!) We first photographed Chris and Paige there!

Life Just got batter Ponce city market
Piedmont Park Guide to Atlanta

Then we hopped on scooters and headed over to Piedmont Park! First, Atlanta is filled with scooters! They are freakin’ everywhere – it’s nuts. Second, Piedmont gives us major Central Park vibes! We’re into it 🙂 We finished the shoot there as the sun set. Below is a little taste of the shoot!

After, we took scooters back to New Realm Brewing for dinner and drinks. They’re rooftop has a beautiful view of the sprawling Atlanta skyline. Downstairs, Tia had the most magical mac and cheese everrrr! Like still having dreams about that!

New Realm Brewery, Ponce City Market, and Piedmont Park are all along the Atlanta BeltLine. The BeltLine is a HUGE walking/biking trail that runs along tons of Atlanta sights. They’re currently expanding it and connecting multiple areas of it! The weekend we were there, it was packed all day and night.

Beltline Guide to Atlanta

Day Two

Wow, this post already got so long and we just now hit day two. Let’s speed this up because this day was busy. We started with brunch at Star Provisions aka dreamy whites, little gifts, and a darn good mocha. Then we made our way back to the BeltLine. We strolled it checking out all of the gorg condos along it and Instagram photoshoots happening with the graffiti. Not to mention the surplus of puppies. We walked down to another market, Krog Street Market. It has a similar vibe to Ponce, though smaller. It’s built in a 1920’s-ish warehouse.

We loved wandering The Merchant & Co, a store jam-packed with gifts, decor, and stationary – very similar to a Patina-vibe. Then we stolled back on the beltline to Lady Bird, where we sat on the patio and sipped cocktails. “The Handshake Deal” is a 10/10!

Lady Bird Guide to Atlanta

Then, we needed a quick lunch to keep us going. We walked a bit farther to Victory Sandwich Bar. (Fun Fact: when I googled Victory to link it, Inman Park – the neighborhood with Krog and Victory came up as one of the World’s Coolest Neighborhoods – WHOA!) There we grabbed small sandwiches which were bomb.

After this, we spent some time exploring the inside of Ponce. Our fav shop was Citizen Supply, an artisan marketplace featuring a bunch of local makers. We then made our way back to Chris and Paige’s neighborhood to hit up another patio – Six Feet Under – which had a totally different skyline view that was equally as awesome as New Realm. Every trip, we love to try a new ramen place, so that night we hit up Lanzhou Ramen – very decent in our opinion, the only place on this entire blog post that we probably wouldn’t recommend.

Day Three

Holler and Dash Guide to Atlanta

Day three we were out on our own exploring. After briefly walking through Paige & Chris’ neighborhood, we knew we were just going to stay close and explore around there. We started with breakfast at Holler & Dash: a southern biscuit house and YUM!

We spent the afternoon shopping and browsing. This area is the Westside Provisions District and it is SO dang cool. It’s full of fine dining and boutique retail. We loved strolling through Lulu, Anthropologie, Brick + Mortar, East Fork, Free People, Little Barn Apothecary (Tia’s skincare, which we didn’t know had a brick and mortar), Warby Parker, and a three-level Room & Board.

By that point, it was time for lunch at Upbeet. While we love to always get ramen on trips, we often also end up getting acai bowls. That’s exactly what we had at Upbeet plus majik lemonade – so good! After that, we headed to the airport and away we went.

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