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Scheduling your Engagement Session

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the wedding planning journey! We are right here with you and ready to dish out more advice. First up, scheduling your engagement session!

Scheduling your engagement  session

Getting it on the Calendar

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the wedding planning journey! We are right here with you and ready to dish out more advice. Before you even think about the wedding itself, let’s begin with your engagement photos so that you can share your news along with some amazing pictures on Facebook or Instagram! First up, scheduling your engagement session!

Lake Harriet Session

When to Schedule Your Engagement Session

Overall, when you have your engagement photos taken will depend on your preferences, but there are typically two factors to consider. (1) When you want to send out save-the-dates and (2) what season prefer.

North Shore Duluth Minnesota Fall Engagement Session

Sending Out Save-the-Dates

Once you know your wedding date, you’ll want to give people a heads up as soon as possible and send them some save-the-date announcements. Couples typically want to send these out 6-8 months in advance, depending on how many guests will be traveling. For us, we complete photos in two weeks, and then you’ll want to budget time to design you save-the-dates, have them shipped to you, package them, and then send them on their way. So work backward from your ideal date that guests receive them to determine when to have your engagement session. That way you’re not cramming in too many projects at once and getting millions of calls and messages from friends and family about what day they need to mark in their calendars.

Piedmont Park Atlanta Photo Session

Picking a Season

Most couples tend to know that they want their engagement pictures in the fall, or want a destination session during a trip to Colorado that they had already planned for fun. So there’s a chance you have an idea of what kind of backdrop and weather you want for your pictures. Of course, we can’t control the weather or the seasons so this obviously plays into timing as well.

Scheduling your engagement  session

Get Your E-Session on the Calendar

Just remember, earlier is always better and the safe option to choose. Schedule your session right when you book with your photographer, even if that’s months in advance. Then you’ll guarantee getting the date you want!

Lake Harriet photo session
Scheduling your engagement  session

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