Our 2020 in Review

Jan 21

Ahh 2020 was truly a year unlike any other! While it was definitely a rollercoaster, we wanted to review the highlights from this year because there are always things to celebrate. Here are our 2020 highlights including some life things & some business things.


Building Our Dream Home

This is easily the top highlight for 2020. We were picking out design elements during the peak of quarantine, which meant that we were actually able to take the time to choose everything. Seriously, we don’t know how we would’ve done it otherwise. Seeing this home come to fruition was incredible. Now we live in a stunning space that is literally our dream home. Plus, we even get separate offices so we can be super productive for our business.

P.S. If you need to catch up on our Building Our Dream Home series, we gotchu – click here!

Launching Posing for Purpose

We had been wanting to launch a course since FOREVER & our Posing for Purpose course literally was 2 years in the making. Now we are so happy that we were able to launch last September & have our first round of students. It was a ton of work to do it right & do it well, but we are so proud. We cannot wait to see where this journey goes in 2021 & know that this course is just the beginning!

More Time

Even though we had to put things on pause or stretch things out until the next year, 2020 gave us time. Time to do anything that we weren’t quite getting to before, like the photography course AND time to just sit with each other. We were able to really dig deep & talk about every little thing. Like where we see our business going, what we want our life to look like, and learning what really matters to us. Now we know how we want to focus our energy for the years to come.

Learning How to Cook

We’re gonna get super honest, we did NOT cook. Our old eating habits consisted of frozen meals and takeout throughout when were dating and in our early married life. Neither of us really knew how to cook and we weren’t motivated to try. So for 2020 we did Hello Fresh the ENTIRE year and it changed the game. You might laugh, but it truly helped us. Now we know some good basics of cooking, how to cut an onion, properly cook meat… we’re getting there! This was truly a great step for us.

YouTube Channel

Similar to the posing course, this was something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time. 2020 gave us the time to launch it & we’re so proud that we’ve been consistent ever since we started. It’s exciting to get on a new platform & create different content for YOU.

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