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New York City Trip

December 2018 we took a train trip to New York City with our friends Brett and Jon! Enjoy the holiday vibes!

Holiday Train Trip to New York City

It’s almost holiday season so we’ve saved this post for a bit to get you in the holiday mood! December 2018, we took a train trip to New York City with our friends Brett and Jon. We also stopped in Chicago, but this post will feature our New York photos. It was a wonderful holiday trip as New York was all in the Christmas cheer, plus we had insanely good weather – see us in sweaters only outside in December!

Brett and Jon had done a trip across the US via train – so basically they are badasses. They live in Coeur D’alene (see their wonderful wedding there here), so they took the train to us in Minnesota and we hung here for a bit. Then we took the train to New York. I’ll be honest, Cam and I are not as badass as them haha. The train was hard for us! But it was so so affordable. Plus Brett and Jon both have a flexible schedule like us, so it was super relaxing! Jon is a developer that creates apps and websites for startups and Brett is a math educator on youtube! How cool is that?!

Once we got to New York City, it was amazing! We did a whole mix of touristy things and then tried some new restaurants and went places none of us had ever been. It was just great to be in the city for a few days with no real plan that just allowed us to explore.

Brett and Jon were gracious enough to model for us in Central Park, on the Brooklyn Bridge and in DUMBO, so enjoy those photos!! XOXO

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