Iceland Adventure

Aug 29

Make sure you press play below. The song is by Iceland artist Jonsi and so much of Jonsi’s music truly embodies our experience in Iceland: full of wonder, exploration, and awe.

Where do we even start with Iceland? Well first, you need to know three disclaimers about these pictures:

  1. We slept in a van. That’s the thing to do in Iceland. There are campgrounds everywhere and in order to see the sights, it keeps you mobile and allows you to make the most of your time. Now, the sleeping in the van part isn’t actually that important to the photos. The important part is that all of the campgrounds that we stayed in didn’t have showers. So ignore our greasy hair.
  2. We were ill-prepared for the weather. We went to England and Spain after Iceland and brought only our backpacks. So while we saw in the forecast that it was 40 and 50 degrees, it was 80 + in England and Spain. Naturally we didn’t want to fill our packs will cold weather clothes when we needed shorts and t-shirts for the majority of our trip. So we arrived in Iceland and suffered. And then Tia suffered even more of that because the warmest thing she packed was a light lululemon jacket. So most of our outfits consist of every layer we owned (that wasn’t soaking wet from the rain) layered on top of another layer. We were very fashionable in Iceland.
  3. All of our photos are from just two out of the three days of our trip. The first day we arrived and it was downpouring. From the sprint from the airport doors to our taxi we got soaked. And after a series of unfortunate events getting our van (which could be a blog post on its own) we hit the road and about a half hour into our drive were forced to pull off due to 70 mph winds making us feel like we were going to tip right over. We spent two hours on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere where the pressures of jetlag took over and we napped. That day was basically spent driving carefully, dodging intense rain to try to get dinner, explore Reykjavik, and find a campground, thus the lack of pictures.


So here’s the deal on Iceland. If you’ve heard us talk about our trip since we’ve been back you’ve likely heard Cam tell this story. It’s unlike anywhere we’ve ever been before. And that’s saying something because Tia traveled to all fifty states before she was sixteen. We hopped in a taxi from the airport and all that Tia could keep talking about was the ground. It’s this bumpy, crusty, molten-lava looking creature that has spots of moss and greenery on it. It just doesn’t look like it belongs on this planet. And Tia exclaimed, “how the heck would they even mow this?!” and continued to ponder that the entire trip. The ground is just a piece of Iceland that is crazy. But its the perfect example that Iceland is so nuts it doesn’t even have a normal ground. It’s just the weirdest thing!

That’s it!

And that’s most of Iceland for you – crazy and weird. We only got three days and two nights and still we saw some of the craziest sights. We already have a list saved on our phone of all the things we are going to do when we go back. And so for now, we’ve just got a snippet of the amazingness that Iceland has to offer.

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