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Getting Ready Space Tips

An amazing getting ready space is key for gorgeous photos, a relaxed vibe, and setting the stage for a spectacular wedding day! Fill it with natural light and plenty of space and you’ve got a winning combination!

Getting Ready Wedding Day Tips

Set the Mood for an Incredible Wedding Day

As for photography, we are mostly concerned with one thing for the location, lighting. A space with large windows and lots of natural light is the best option. Makeup artists will almost always plop their station right next to the natural light. Luckily, it benefits them too, which is perfect! Note that we may turn off all of the other lights. This allows us to work with the natural light to give you the dreamiest getting ready photos. It sounds goofy – but it will be worth it!

Getting Ready Room Wedding day prep

An Intentional Getting Ready Space

Don’t let your getting ready space be a mere afterthought — you’ll be spending a significant portion of your day getting primped and pampered there. The getting ready area should be a special place with plenty of space that makes everyone feel relaxed. It should also compliment your vision for the day. Find something that is a similar style to the rest of your day.

Getting ready space tips for wedding day
A'bulae st paul wedding

When choosing a location, typically standard hotel rooms aren’t the best for lighting and décor (or space). We typically recommend other options such as a cute Airbnbs (some even offer hourly rates solely for this purpose) or even awesome photography studios. Let us know if you’d like help with suggestions. We’ve got a great list compiled of our favorites all around the cities in our preferred vendor recommendation page that’s accessible to our brides and grooms.

Getting ready room space wedding day
Relaxed wedding day getting ready space

Luckily, a lot of wedding venues that are solely event venues have caught on to these needs and have gorgeous, large, naturally-lit bridal suites. In this case, you are ready to go! Questions about if your venue’s bridal suite is a good fit? Shoot us an email.

Bavaria Downs Chaska Minnesota Wedding Venue

Hair and Makeup Prep

During hair and makeup, both the bride and bridesmaids should be conscious of what type of undergarments they are wearing. You will want something that is easy to take off afterwards, something that doesn’t have to go over your head and potentially mess up your hair or make up and something that isn’t tight or pinches as it may leave skin marks. We recommend that ladies don’t wear normal bras, because once they slip on their dresses, those lines in the skin will typically still be visible.

The Hutton House Medicine Lake Wedding Venue

Keep it Clean

Getting ready can be such a beautiful time to get that genuine pre-
wedding shots. But sometimes the energy is ruined by the aesthetic. A cluttered, messy, dark room takes away from the genuine moments happening and the beauty of the morning. Don’t trash it! We often arrive ready to shoot preparation photos and end up spending lots of valuable time cleaning up before we can even get started. Throw away the trash, hang extra clothes in closets, and hide suitcases under beds. A personal attendant is a great person to be in charge of keeping the getting-ready room clean and clear of clutter. If you keep things as organized as possible then we will have more time to work with you and the bridesmaids capturing the photos you want.

YAAAAS! That’s it!! Want to see some absolutely gorgeous getting ready photos featured in this blog? Check out this fall wedding, Hutton House wedding, and Bavaria Downs wedding to get inspired!

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