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Engagement Experience

Want to know exactly what our engagement experience is like? It doesn’t involve stuffy poses but instead spinning and running! Our brides will tell you all about their experience! Let’s hear it!

The Engagement Session Experience

For us, our engagement session was one of the first times that being engaged truly felt real. But that’s not to say that it didn’t come along with those pre-session butterflies, stomach flips, and panic about what to wear. But the experience was a fabulous way to celebrate us being engaged. Add to that stress that we photograph you in a very natural direction-based way, which likely isn’t something that you’ve done before. Most of your professional photography experience was likely senior photographs where you were cheesin’ and resting into your arm while holding it for a good ten seconds. Take it from us, there’s none of that. Instead, there’s a whole lot of motion – spinning, running, lifting, and dancing all day every day. So we want you to know exactly what the experience felt like from the experts on it – our brides!

Stunning Wedding with Joyful Bride and GroomStunning Wedding with Joyful Bride and Groom Experiencing their wedding day

Lauren, 2017 Bride

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“I was so nervous leading up to our engagement session experience! I would say I don’t really know why, but I think that’s just how I am with most things. If you are overthinking how you will look just remember, you want to look like yourselves. If you’re ever overthinking it, I would say to remember that you are going to get so many shots after and you get to pick your favorites to share! You are guaranteed to get good ones, and with Cam & Tia you will probably like them all!

Cam & Tia had great energy and made us feel comfortable. They work together well and with any type of people. Tia’s energy and direction was awesome to bring me out of my shell, and Cam was calm which made me feel like we were in great hands! Trust in their creativity and talent! You can be wearing two outfits throughout the whole shoot and end up with so many different looks in the pictures you receive because they will have you move in front of different backgrounds etc.

I loved how much direction they gave us throughout it. There wasn’t a moment where I felt like I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t really expect to be ‘playing games’ to help us pose but I loved that we did. It kept it light and fun, and kept me out of my head thinking about what I looked like. It made for a fun night!”

Timeless Wedding Portraits in Bloomington, MN at Normandale Park Timeless Wedding Portraits in Bloomington, MN at Normandale Park

Nikki, 2017 Bride

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“Before our e-shoot with y’all, we were very nervous. Excited too, but mostly nervous. Neither of us like the camera much and we aren’t very serious people so we weren’t sure how to get those “brooding, romantic photos” everyone hopes for if we’re too goofy to make them happen.

During the shoot, we found that our goofiness and oddities were the very thing that made us who we are as individuals and as a couple, and that it worked best to use those goofy moments and traits to our advantage. Some of our favorite photos came from just being idiots with each other . It also helped us tremendously to be guided by you two with certain poses, ideas, etc since we really came to the session with no ideas of our own. However, you both were so receptive when we DID have an idea for something, no matter how ridiculous it was, which also helped. When we had an idea there was no push-back or retort – y’all just went along with it with the utmost cheer and enthusiasm.

What we didn’t expect was IMMEDIATELY feeling so comfortable with you both, and in front of so many people since our location was packed and I’m very shy. Everyone else just kind of melted away and we were so in the moment with you both. That’s probably what made it the best experience (& the results kick-arse)”.

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Sun-Filled Engagement Session Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Sun-Filled Engagement Session Experience

Stacia, 2018 Bride

“We were both kind of pessimistic about engagement photos to begin with but since it was included with the package we thought we’d go for it. And we are so happy we did! We had to stay open-minded and embrace the fact that this was about capturing our special relationship and wasn’t about capturing stock, cheesy moments.

It helped that we got to do something quirky (i.e. dress up in my parent’s ridiculous wedding outfits). It eased our nerves and it helped us to feel comfortable since you guys were so open-minded about it too. I think it really made the 2nd, more traditional part of the shoot (that we were nervous about), more relaxed and natural.

One of the best things was that we never felt rushed, but we also didn’t have time to think about anything being awkward. It was the perfect pace. You guys also asked for enough of our involvement that it felt personal but we didn’t have to think too much either.

We were both super impressed with how easy it was. We haven’t seen all of the pictures yet but we are obsessed with our previews so it obviously worked.”

Taylor's Falls Engagement Session Taylor's Falls Engagement Session

Danika, 2018 Bride

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“I loved that we had already met you guys once prior! I think that was so helpful and took the pressure off since it was like we were reconnecting! So I’m really glad you guys choose to meet couples first! Upon arrival I was just nervous because I just get those butterfly tummy nerves before I do something exciting! But right when we got there and gave hugs to two people who already felt like friends we felt at ease!

During, it was a breeze! We laughed we posed we walked, we climbed, we cheesed, we joked, and loved every second of it!! Even the HEAT!! Blake isn’t comfortable in front of a camera. He also isn’t a fan of PDA so I knew this might be a little challenging for him, but Tia’s sense of humor and goofiness kept us laughing at ourselves and every little thing!! Not a dull moment!! They laugh with each other as well, and I love this!! They roll with everything and are so authentic and easy going!! Yet I also loved that they kept us on task so that we were able to get as many shots as possible in the time we had! It couldn’t have been better!!

After, we had a preview almost immediately and the images were gorgeous!! I was dying to see the rest and patiently waited for that “special delivery” email!! When it came, I scrolled for hours!! The site is so easy to use. I love how you can just download the images right there to your phone!

I didn’t expect to be laughing so much and feeling so comfortable. It felt like we were just with friends! I am so thrilled we chose Cameron and Tia. I absolutely love their work and their chemistry. The two of them are amazing and work so well together!! I have the utmost confidence that they will capture every intricate detail of our big day! And I cannot wait!”

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