After You Say Yes

Aug 5

The Hutton House colorful wedding

The First Steps to Planning your Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! After you say yes, you might be a little confused about the next steps to take. What now? Now, we help you with a few broad things you should do right after you’ve gotten engaged.

Bavaria Downs Chaska Minnesota Romantic wedding

Celebrate with Friends & Family

Not so fast, set down your planner and to-do list! Take a moment or a week or a month to celebrate. Gather your closest friends and family, plan some parties, and order good food and drinks. Throw an engagement party to celebrate you and your love for each other. Soak up all the love and happiness your engagement has to offer before beginning your wedding-planning-hustle.

The Hutton House Medicine Lake Wedding

Put a Price Tag On It

Sorry to hit you where it hurts, but setting a budget is crucial before any other planning. You need to figure out your limits and there should be two. The first limit is the ideal price cap that you’d like to stay under, you know so you have wiggle room. The second limit is the actual limit that you seriously cannot afford to go over, otherwise you’ll be in debt and genuinely regret it. So gather everyone who is involved in financially supporting your big day and get on the same page. It will suck, but it will make the rest of the process go a lot smoother.

After you say yes planning your dream wedding

Pick Your People

Time to figure out your bridal party and the master guest list. We have a ton of tips in another blog post about your guest list of ours, but to be concise: just surround yourself with the people you love most. Figure out the first few who you want to literally stand beside you, and then the people who you want to watch from the audience.

Bavaria Downs Wedding

Be Realistic

Another tough cookie, but your wedding will not be exactly how you dreamt it when you were younger. All of those Pinterest boards are wonderful for inspiration, but that’s exactly what they are, inspiration. Your wedding will not look exactly like your collection of images pinned on Pinterest or saved in Instagram. Gather ideas and dreams, but be realistic that YOUR wedding will not look like someone else’s wedding, which is 100% okay. It’s easier to lower your expectations so you never feel like you’ve come up short.

After you say yes planning your wedding

Pick the Place

So many places, but only one time. So choose wisely and do your research. Figure out the basics, like how many people can fit in the venue, whether it’s outside or inside, and if it will fit your theme and wedding dreams. There are so many things to consider, so consider them ALL. It’s a lot of work, but it sets the stage for your big day!

The Hutton House colorful wedding

Contact your Must-Have Vendors

Do not pick a date just because your venue has it available and it feels like a good date. Before booking and making it official, reach out to your must have vendors. Often this is a planner, photographer, or videographer. Confirm that they have your date available. If not, at this stage you’re able to shift your date a weekend before or after to accomadate their schedule. If you book your date first, unfortunately, your dream vendor may not be able to be a part of this.

After you say yes planning guide to your dream wedding

We hope this is a great road map for how to get started! Questions? Hit us up!

PS: are you loving these photos? These are from weddings at Bavaria Downs, The Hutton House and Brackett’s Crossing Country Club!

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