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Sonoma, CA Wine Tasting Week Vlog

group of friends wine tasting in Sonoma, California

Join us for a week of wine tasting in California! Our 5th anniversary of Wine Day turned into a full-blown trip to Sonoma – come along with us as we explore Sonoma, our favorite wineries, and eat good food with even better company. Cheers! What is Wine Week? We are heading to what we call […]

Join us for a week of wine tasting in California! Our 5th anniversary of Wine Day turned into a full-blown trip to Sonoma – come along with us as we explore Sonoma, our favorite wineries, and eat good food with even better company. Cheers!

What is Wine Week?

We are heading to what we call wine week and it is our 5th anniversary! We are at the airport getting ready to rumble. It is just a friend trip where we are celebrating fall – normally we do it in Waconia where we spend the weekend driving to all of the wineries around Minnesota. This time we are flying to Sonoma and we’re heading to San Francisco right now!

Flying from MSP to SFO, we’re all at the airport getting ready to board! Once we landed, we got our passenger van all loaded up and head into San Fran! We walked around the wharf, got some yummy food, went to a funny antique game museum and saw a TON of seals. We purchased a film camera for this trip, so you’ll see us snapping some pics throughout the week.

After exploring for a while, we head over to our good ole Costco. We stocked up on alllll the necessities for the week and head over to our AirBnB. Our AirBnB was SO cute. The perfect amount of space for all of us, we got situated and checked out the stunning backyard. We ordered takeout from a local Chinese restaurant and cuddled up to catch up on Survivor together.

Day 2! Our First Winery Day

Good morning, it is day 2! One of the thing I love about California is that it is 7:50am and I am up, showered, and ready to go and most people are still sleeping! Today the game plan is that we are getting up and heading to our first winery for wine tasting.

A little backstory: So we started what we call “wine day” where we rent a huge 15 person passenger van, put together a mood board, and celebrate fall. We go to all kinds of wineries in Minnesota and it is just so fun, a celebration of fall. This is our fifth anniversary so we are doing “wine week” in Sonoma! I’ll take you along for day 2. 

We were in the middle of getting ready and the power went out to the whole house. People are half showered, half hair curled and we have literally 0 power. The breaker is in the garage which was locked by the host so we can’t figure out how to turn it back on!

After a while, the power was back on and the chaotic energy ensued! We had a reservation at our first winery so we couldn’t be late. We were all curling our hair, doing our makeup, as fast as we could! Cam loved to prank us by telling us we only had a few minutes left when we really had 15. BUT, we did it! Let’s go girls!

Day 2 Experiences

We went to our first wine tasting at the winery that was on a stunning property. After, we went to a nearby area that had restaurants and shops all in a little courtyard where we got lunch and hung out for a while. Then, we were off to our next winery! Here, we played corn hole and enjoyed the sunshine together. After the second winery, we had some time to kill before our dinner reservation. We found a tiny little shop that did Gin flights, so we tried some and were pleasantly surprised!

Around the corner from the gin place was a tiny little wine cafe called Sosie. It was right before closing time, but the owner welcomed us in and poured us all a glass of wine. She was from France and was so excited to share with us about her wine and hear all about our trip. We ended up staying way past her closing time, but enjoyed her company (and her wine!!!) SO much. Our favorite Rose from the weekend was from Sosie. We bought a few bottles for our pool day the next day!

Following Sosie, we headed to dinner where we sat upstairs and had delicious food and wine, then walked to the cocktail bar next door. It was an amazing day in Sonoma!

Day 3 by the Pool!

Good morning! Today we are hanging out at the airbnb. We wanted one day of relaxation in between our crazy wine tasting days. I’m hoping we pool, we bought rose at a place we absolutely loved last night, I hope we play games and hot tub and it’s freaking beautiful out!

We all cooked breakfast together and ate outside where we jumped right into playing games. After breakfast, we skimmed the pool, cracked the Rose, and jumped in! Our day was filled with water aerobics, snacks, and more wine.

That night, we all cooked pasta together. The homemade pasta was absolutely a 10/10 and worth the time it took to make it!

Day 4, Back to the Wineries!

This morning went off without a hitch (no power issues today!) and we were off to Napa Valley for more wineries. The first winery was Fearless and we had a phenomenal time. The wine, the views, and most importantly, the experience was a 10/10.

We went out to lunch, then walked around and a cute coffee shop inside of an old gas station! Perfect for photos and hangs before our next winery. Off we went to the next winery, which had incredible views. We had mixed emotions about the wine tasting itself, but the views alone made the trip out to the winery worth it. After, we found a winery where we could buy bottles and watch the sunset while we enjoyed each others company.

We wrapped up the fourth day by heading back to the AirBnB and playing more games. Another great day in California.

Final Day, Heading Home

The house woke up exhausted after staying up until 3am. We still needed to pack and clean up, but there was barely any movement in the morning. Finally, we were up and moving and made it out of the house before checkout.

We headed into downtown San Francisco and walked around the hilly streets. The architecture and the houses were incredible to see in person, not to mention all of the elevation changes! After walking around for a bit, we found a restaurant with delicious ramen that re-energized us before heading to the airport.

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