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Wedding Photography Details: What’s in our Styling Kit?

We show you what in our styling kit and everything you might need to capture beautiful wedding photography!

Today we are taking you on a wild ride inside our styling kit! We’re going to show you everything we use for photographing wedding details, from shoes, boutonnieres to invitation suites and florals. It includes all of our fave things that sets the scene for the wedding day.

First off, let’s start with a disclaimer: we are not fine art photographers. We’re not trying to get published in high-end magazines or anything. We just want to take clean and amazing photos that our clients will cherish forever. We’re just regular old Joe’s when it comes to wedding detail photos, and we’re dang proud of it!

Onto the Good Stuff

Now, onto the good stuff! Our styling kit is basically a glorified caboodle that we got from Amazon. We’ll link everything in our Amazon storefront for you guys, so feel free to check it out!

In addition to our caboodle, we also use linen styling mats. Our mats are from Holland Dee Design. They are hand-painted and they are stunning. They bring lots of depth and they allow us to photograph wherever the best light is on the wedding day. We can bring the styling details that the couple gives us to the best light possible, roll out our mats, and we have an awesome backdrop of all of our detail photos.

Inside our Caboodle

When you open up our kit, it expands just like a caboodle, which is super cute. Inside, you’ll find tons of ribbon in various colors and textures. We have some on traditional spools, some wrapped in twist ties, and some that we just fold. We try to have a variety of colors, including blush tones, orange terracotta, and lots of blue (because apparently, a lot of our couples love blue!). Most of the ribbon is satin with torn edges, but we do have some velvet ribbon that’s really pretty too.

The most used items in our styling kit are these acrylic blocks. We love using them for dimension in our photos. For example, we can stack invitation suites on them to create a shadow and give more depth to the photo. They’re all the same depth, but we can stack two on top of each other to create a different effect. Fun party trick: we also use them to keep ladies’ heels parallel to the ground when we’re taking photos of them. We’ll put the acrylic block underneath the heel, and it makes it easier to get a clean and focused shot.

Another item we use a lot is braces wax. We primarily use it for closing envelopes, especially if we want to take a photo of the envelope liner too. It’s also great for keeping different pieces of the invitation suite laying flat if they’re not cooperating. Plus, we can even use it to make rings stand upright. The best part? You can’t even see it in the photo!

Next, we have some wax seals in our kit. These are a great way to add a personal touch to our clients’ wedding details. Wax seals are super handy if the couple doesn’t have wax seals included with their invitation suite. Along with that, we also include antique stamps. One piece of advice for buying antique stamps, especially if you’re buying from a place like Etsy, is that you may get stamps with a lot of old white men on them. LOL, that’s just not our vibe and so unfortunately we haven’t used them a lot.

More and More in our Caboodle

At the very bottom of our styling kit, we have a TON of ring boxes. We do recommend to our couples to purchase a ring box and about 1/3 of our couples do. That way, they’re coordinated with their colors and the style of the wedding. Since not every couple includes that in their details, we purchased a handful from Amazon. These ring boxes are absolutely gorgeous.. plus, they’re only $14! They look so beautiful and high-end but for the fraction of a cost.

Another thing included in our styling kit is some pieces to accent their invitation suite. We have some gorgeous deckled-edge paper that really elevates their invitation suite and makes it pop. Along with that, we have these beautiful dishes. Small items like these can really elevate all of their details and the flat lays by providing options that look super high-end and clean. We have tons of different dish sizes, colors, and textures that can match any details. We love to put rings or earrings in these dishes! Anything to add a little extra flavor.

Last but not least, we have our floral frogs. Floral frogs have been a game changer. How they work is you stick the stem of the flower into the metal prongs of the floral frogs and it keeps them standing upright. This is so important for elevating the flat lay and the ability to include florals without them tipping over. It also allows you to spread out the petals! Since not all roses look that good straight up and down, you can open it up and maneuver it however you like.

Thanks for tuning in!

That’s it for our styling kit tour! We hope you guys enjoyed it and maybe even learned something new. If you want to see more, don’t forget to check out our Amazon storefront for all the links. You can shop everything in our styling kit here!

As always we hope you enjoyed this video and learned something that you can use at your next wedding! Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more video like this one!

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