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Wedding Photography Details: What’s in our Styling Kit?

We show you what in our styling kit and everything you might need to capture beautiful wedding photography!

In today’s video we are sharing with you everything that is in our styling kit that we bring to a wedding! This styling kit is filled with everything that we could need to capture the detail shots on a wedding day! We are NOT fine art photographers. We want to photograph clean and amazing photos of the details our couples took so long to think about. Although detail photos are not something we spend hours on, we still want to deliver something that our couples will want to look back on and will cherish forever.

We keep all of our styling elements in a box that we carry with us to the beginning of the day and that has everything that we need in it. In our styling kit are different kinds and colors of ribbon, acrylic blocks and much more. Beautiful detail photos are so fun to show our couples. We want them to be able to look back at the photos and cherish them forever.

Leave in the comments what are some must haves in your styling kit that you bring with you to a wedding day. We love hearing new ideas. You can shop everything in our styling kit here!

As always we hope you enjoyed this video and learned something that you can use at your next wedding! Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more video like this one!

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