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Steal our Wedding Workflow

Take our workflow that we have perfected after 6 years of being in the industry and apply it to your business for an amazing client experience.

PHOTOGRAPHERS! Have you ever wondered what you were supposed to be doing with your clients? What kind of workflow is going to benefit me and make it a seem-less experience. Well, today we are showing you EVERYTHING that we do from start to finish and you can steal it! We want you to use this workflow and make the best possible client experience that you can!

Our Workflow Step by Step

Get your Clients Educated

Right after our clients book with us we send them a little gift from White Spruce Market which includes or own wedding guide that we created to help inform our clients. On top of that, we send our new clients a preferred vendor webpage. This not only helps our clients find the best of the best vendors but also people we LOVE to work with! It’s a win-win! We also make sure to include little tips and trick as well as things to look out for when hiring specific vendors for their wedding day!

Timeline Questionnaire

We then send out a Wedding Timeline Starter Questionnaire! We send this questionnaire to get an overview of what type of things they want to include in their wedding day! We take this information to help create a timeline for their day. We typically love to do this pretty early on which helps the couple use this as a template while talking with all their other vendors! This sets us up for a really amazing day!

Scheduling Their Engagement Session

We like to schedule out their engagement session right away so that we don’t get them asking us “hey can we do our engagement session this month?” Odds are, we can’t! So, we like to get it on the schedule right away for a time we know we are available. Something that we do is send them a “locations” webpage. This is a great way to minimize back and forth conversations about locations. It is filled with locations that we love and know we can deliver great images at! Then we confirm their engagement session where we send them a big details email where it covers all kinds of things like the date, location, start time, where to park, etc. After the engagement session we deliver sneak peaks!

Casual Check-In

There is usually a long empty time from when we book with them to their actual wedding day. So, we love to check in with our couples. We usually do this a little after the holidays to say “Hey, how is wedding planning going? Is there anything that we can do for you?” We want to be a resource for them!

Final Questionnaire

About 6 weeks before their wedding day we send out a final questionnaire! This questionnaire has SO many pieces to it. This gets us ready and answers any and all questions we may have about their wedding day. Be sure to give them plenty of time to answer it!

Prepping for Their Wedding Day

After we receive their wedding questionnaire back we sit down and prep their family photo list. We then prep their same day slideshow covers. We also prep their blog post, we do our best to prep as much as possible because we have a quick turnaround for that blog post!

Week of Confirmation

We send out any quick reminders that we find are important for our couples to remember on their wedding day! We keep the email super friendly and excited-vibes since at this point their wedding day is just a week away!

Tuesday After Blog Post

The Tuesday after the wedding we create a blog post for our website sharing images from the day, a complete list of vendors with hyperlinks to their websites and a mass email that we send out to all of the vendor sharing that blog post with them. We also guarantee our turnaround be 2 weeks!

There was A TON of information in this video and we hope that you can take it and apply it into your own workflow. We have perfected this workflow after being in this industry for 6 years! As always if you have questions, leave them in the comments of this video! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel so you never miss out! i

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