Wedding Hanger Ideas

Jul 25

Planning out little details is tough, but you gotta do it because all of those details add up to your big day AND your photos. So today, we’re talking about a very small detail but one we do care about. Your hanger for your wedding dress. Here are our fav wedding hanger ideas!

Sounds weird but we take SO many pictures of your dress before you put it on. We take photos that are close up and get the small details; far away that show the entire dress; the top; the bottom… we take pictures of everything! Including the hanger!

Gathered Oaks Wedding in Alexandria Minnesota with BHLDN hanger

Sometimes Simple is Sleek

We want you to know that you don’t need a crazy hanger. The wedding industry has told us that we need a wire hanger with our new last name but sometimes that doesn’t even match our wedding aesthetic. How many of us have wire incorporated in our centerpieces or decor? Not many. You don’t need to search etsy for an expensive and customized hanger. Instead you can use a nice black velvet one from Target or a simple wooden hanger. Yes you can get someone to write “bride” or your new last name on it, but it doesn’t have to be crazy… it is just a hanger!

If you want to dress it up, think about choosing something that matches your wedding aesthetic. Our favorite dressed up hanger? This BHLDN beauty! And, it comes in gold, copper, and silver!

The Capitol Room Wedding with bouquet and chic wedding gown

Prep Your Dress for Pictures

Like we mentioned before, we take tons of pictures of your wedding dress hanging up before you put it on your body. So always have your dress already hanging on that hanger for us to photograph. If you have it hanging on a plastic hanger, we’ll assume that’s what you want and so that’s what will be photographed

We know, we know. It is just hanger, but again those little details add up in expense so we want you to know that there’s no pressure in getting anything outrageous. Hang up your worries (no pun intended) and settle for simple & sleek!

Dellwood Country Club Wedding with   lace wedding

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