Wedding Day Weather

May 13

Planning for Inclement Weather

Rain on your wedding day  in Minnesota

Rain might happen on your wedding day, that’s totally okay! Today, we’re breaking down how inclement wedding day weather may look and all of the possible solutions! Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

For rain, we have two cute, clear umbrellas that we bring to every wedding for the bride and groom. If rain starts showing up in your forecast, we recommend purchasing these umbrellas for your bridal party. Buy one per couple – so if you have seven bridesmaids, each girl has one. Then when we do the full bridal party, each grouping of two will share. With rain, we will still be looking to use as much natural light for you as possible.

Wedding Day Weather in Minnesota with rain
Wedding day weather planning in Minnesota

Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, that might be all portraits outdoors under the umbrellas, some under overhangs, some inside in spaces with lots of natural light, or any combination of those scenarios. If rain happens, we’ll check-in in the morning to figure out your comfort level.

Wedding day weather planning

Winter weddings are awesome, but let’s be real, it’s can be freezing cold for all of your portraits. On colder days, family portraits are typically moved indoors to accommodate the elderly family members.

But if we are going for it outdoors for bride and groom portraits and bridal party, here are a few tips: let your ladies wear winter boots during this time (their feet are probably most, if not completely, hidden, so keep them warm and then they can change into their heels pre-ceremony). Second, have hand warmers ready for all of the bridal party to keep in their pockets. Third, get stoles or scarves for your ladies. Consider, if there are small children in your bridal party they’ll have a hard time making it without coats on, so cute coats may be the best solution. And last, you may even want to allow bridesmaids (and yourself) to have leggings on under your dresses.

Wedding with Snow in Minnesota

Know that it’s going to be cold, but you’ve got it, you’re tough – it is the bold north after all! Do we recommend going outside? Absolutely! The snow is gorgeous, the lighting is beautiful, and your portraits will be amazing! If going outside quickly for bride and groom portraits and then staying toastier for bridal party and family is your jam (or staying inside completely), we always recommend renting out a photography studio. It will have great natural light, keep spirits high, and still have gorgeous portraits. If interested, let us know and we can give some great recommendations.

Snow Wedding in Minnesota Fall

We know that wedding day weather is out of your control, so that’s why we’ve provided these tips! We hope they bring you peace of mind that your wedding day is going to freakin’ awesome regardless of a little bit of rain!

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