The Unplugged Ceremony

Feb 7

The Unplugged Ceremony: What is it?!

For today’s blog post, we’re talking unplugged ceremonies.

We are all attached to our phones, more than we’d like to admit. With all the upgrades, we can’t help it! There are so many features and we love capturing every single moment and sharing those precious moments with our friends. But let’s be honest, there’s nothing more annoying than going to a wedding and struggling to see the bride and groom behind layers and layers of people holding up their cell phones. Which is why unplugged ceremonies have become more common and why you might want to consider it too!

Unplugged Ceremony Bride Planning Series by Cameron and Tia

REASON ONE: You hired professional photographers and videographers

Seriously. You already spent your hard earned wedding budget on amazing professionals who are documenting your day for you. Do you really need 300 million other pictures of the exact same moment in lower quality. Plus the photographers have perfected their craft. They put time and energy into every single image they snap of you. Plus, your photos will be better when your photographers don’t have to strategically place themselves somewhere to crop out other people’s phones. Instead they get to be exactly where they need to be to get the best shot possible AND Uncle Bob won’t get in the way of the shot with his iPad. Trust us, we know! The point is, you already have hired someone to do this job, so why not have an unplugged ceremony?

Unplugged Ceremony Bride Planning Series by Cameron and Tia

REASON TWO: Get your guests to engage with you and each other

Give everyone a reason to live in the moment. Allow people to engage directly with you and with each other, instead of scrolling mindlessly through social media. AND let this day truly be about YOU. This way your loved ones take in your wedding day with their own eyes and ears instead of through camera lenses and boomerangs.

Unplugged Ceremony Bride Planning Series by Cameron and Tia

REASON THREE: R-e-s-p-e-c-t

Yes, just general respect and it does mean a lot. Not only to you, but to your other guests as well. It’s respectful to put down your phone and to engage with others. It’s respectful to have your phone on silent while the bride and groom say their vows. It’s respectful to stay in your seat and not block the aisle with your phone in hand. It’s respectful to listen and to actively interact to those around you. An unplugged ceremony ensures that your guests will not only respect your time and celebration, but also that of the other guests. We promise at least half of the attendees will be thanking you for pulling the plug.

It’s totally up to you and your sweetie on whether or not you choose to have an unplugged ceremony. We want you to have the best wedding day and truly believe this is one way to help ensure everything goes smoothly. If you want to know how to pull of an unplugged wedding, let us know! We are always willing to share more tips.

Unplugged Ceremony Bride Planning Series by Cameron and Tia

unplugged ceremony for the brides advice on wedding planning by cameron and tia

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