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The Untouched Shot

Minneapolis Event Center Riverside Indoor Ceremony

An untouched shot is amazing and is exactly what it sounds like. But why is an untouched shot important to you?

Blaisdell European Garden Reception set up

Picture the ceremony venue. Now picture that your uncle Sam somehow snuck in early and left his jacket and hat casually slung over a chair. Oh also, don’t forget about your good ol’ cousin who brought her two sons who also somehow got here early and decided to save their seats using their choo-choo trains, lego blocks and to-go applesauce packets. Your photographers come in and take a shot where you get to see all of those lovely details. OR they go in and waste 15 minutes re-setting the scene, taking time away from your first look or getting ready pictures. This is the untouched shot.

MAVEN workshop untouched reception set up

So that was dramatic, but an untouched shot is amazing and is exactly what it sounds like. But why is an untouched shot important to you? Let’s get started.

Minneapolis Event Center Riverside Ceremony Untouched Shot

This shot is literally the finished product of everything the bride and groom have done. An untouched shot shows months, maybe years of hard work. The craziest thing is that they and their loved ones will NEVER see it in person. By the time they do see it, it will be filled with people and clutter.

Maven Workshop details


While your bride and groom is busy getting ready or hanging out during cocktail hour, go get those untouched shots so that everyone can enjoy them after the wedding day!

Untouched Wedding Reception

It’s a part of the day and something they get to share when the day is all done! Plus it’s part of the big story so someone can get a feel for what the day was like. It shows some context to where they were, both inside and outside the venues. So get ALL of the wide angles and shots.

Lafayette Club Reception Photograph of Wedding

Your vendors will value these shots and then continue to use them. They’re perfect for for any promotions they have and they will love that they can get amazing, untouched shots to post on all their social media platforms. Not only will it support them, but also show your own work to a wider audience! It’s a win-win situation.

The Hutton House outdoor ceremony

If you want to get published you absolutely NEED these shots. If this wedding has the potential to be featured or published, then you must show editors an untouched venue. Which includes the ceremony and the reception, all indoor and outdoor angles!

Paikka Offbeat Wedding Venue Reception set up

So for brides and photographers, these are some important reasons for why you should take time to squeeze in tons of untouched shots throughout the day! Plan ahead and it will work out and pay off.

Blaisdell Reception Wedding untouched

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