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The Business Lab | Online Course Filming Vlog

two photographers filming for an education course

Join Cameron & Tia as they film their brand new course – the Business Lab! They vlog a week where they film their course.

Welcome to the vlog! Today, we are taking you behind the scenes while we begin our online course filming for our brand new course for photographers! The Business Lab is the A-Z of building a successful business and is jam-packed with our tips and tricks, what worked for us, what we wish we would have done, and what we’ve seen work for others! The course opens on July 26th, 2022, so hold on tight. Until then, check out our behind the scenes of us getting it all set up!

Done Writing the Course

We are all done writing the course and the slides, so today we are just filming the slides. As you can see, I have a bit of a bruise here on my eye from playing kickball and we needed to wait until Cam got a haircut, which he got today!

So today, we are filming just the slides. For our slides in our courses, our face isn’t there. We wanted to be able to present the information well and have the slides be full screen, so we’re filming just those portions. But, in every lesson in the intro and the outro, and oftentimes in the middle – once, maybe twice – we pop in to talk about important things.

So we don’t have to look cute on the slide days. We’re trying to crush through module one through three today. I don’t know, this might be a crazy goal but we don’t have anything tonight. We normally play kickball on Thursdays, but today is our buy week so we are going to see how far we can get.

And of course, Bella is here chillin’ with us!

Makin’ our way Through

We have one module done and half way through the second module of our online course filming! We’re feelin’ tired, but good.

You may have noticed that Cam is wearing a nose strip, how come?!

Well, Cam says that he just saw someone talking about how wearing a nose strip can improve cognition by 90% which like OKAY that’s cool but also I want to sound clear and better on audio. We’ll see if it makes a difference!

AND that someone was AOC, so makin’ it cool!

Rundown of our Slides

So here’s a rundown of how we do our slides. We have Rode mics on which are plugged into our computer. Then, we use Canva for our slides. We go to share, then present and it allows you to present and then we record the computer screen with QuickTime and it allows you to scroll through your slides! Easy peasy!

Taking a Break

Okay, it’s 3 o’clock. We’ve now been recording officially (we got a slow start and we switched some things up) for an hour and a half. We’re almost halfway through module two of The Business Lab! Module three is going to be the beast.

We have some quick tips for talking to the camera!

  1. Smile while talking! Smiling while talking will help your inflection and will help everything sound better.
  2. Good posture, sit up straight! You can project and make sure that you are tempering your inflections. It will help make sure that you’re ending your sentences and make sure tha tyou are giving pauses at all of the commas.
  3. Lastly, infuse some personality! YAAAAS!

Day 2 & 3 of Online Course Filming

Today is day two of our online course filming! I think I said that we were going to do direct to camera, but we’re like why don’t we just keep chugging away at the slides? Especially today, we have to take a break in between so I can go to my friends baby shower. So we decided to keep recording the slides, we’re going to see if we can get through module three now!

And all of a sudden it’s day three of filming! We are part of the way through module three. So we have three, four, five, and we actually have 3 bonuses in this course! So we’re recording those today.

Then, on Sunday (which today is Friday), we’re going to do our direct to camera recording. We’ll be showered, changing, changing all the accessories, all the things!

Final day of Recording The Business Lab!

It is the final day of recording, we’re getting all set up and ready to rumble. Here’s our set up with our iPad and then our backdrop. So here’s what you see here and we’ll show you what it looks like inside the camera!

Okay, we have one module left and one bonus! This is our sixth outfit change and then we’re going to be done! WOOOOOO! We threw some confetti, which I wish I had that on film. You’ll just have to wait to see inside the course.

We love to throw confetti when our students join the course and make an investment on themselves. In the final module, we threw confetti to celebrate them!

Wrapping up Online Course Filming

This is what we see when we’re recording direct to camera! There’s us on the laptop, there’s our teleprompter, and there’s the camera! And Cameron working his magic, of course.

We did a quick fit check with me sporting Abercrombie and Madewell and Cam sporting his Cuts shirts and Lulu pants! We have one more change and then we’re done!

High fives all around for finishing recording! Thanks for tuning in to our online course filming. We’re so excited for this course to launch. The Business Lab will launch on July 26th, 2022. Keep your eyes out for more announcements! Until then, like and subscribe to our channel for more info!

Get ready for our course!

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