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The Bridesmaid Buy-In

Today, for photographers, we’re breaking down our number one marketing tool, The Bridesmaid Buy-In. Dig in to learn more and how you can implement this in your business!

Photographer Education

Welcome, y’all. Let’s chat about our favorite marketing tool.

In October 2017, we photographed a wedding for a bride, let’s call her Brynn. She and her fiancé were the third couple to book with us and (we’re embarrassed to tell you this) but they paid $750. YEP.

We went into this wedding full force. We served Brynn, her now-hubs, their families, and their bridal party HARD! We provided a fun and engaging posing experience, kept the energy high all day, walked grandmas gently between locations, helped bustle Brynn’s train, and knew the entire 14-person bridal party by name.

Marketing Tool for Photographers: The Bridesmaid Buy-In
Tia with Cameron & Tia Bride Erin married June 2019 and Bride Kaitlin married May 2018

The whole bridal party was singing our praises all day. It began with one bridesmaid saying that when they get engaged (no matter their current state of single-ness) they will NEEEEED us to photograph their wedding. And then, it spread and the other six bridesmaids began to echo that sentiment. By the time the dance floor was open and they had a few glasses of wine, they were so sad to see us leave and had already followed us on Instagram. The bridesmaids were sold.

At Brynn’s wedding, one of the bridesmaids was named Andi.

Photographer education and tools
Tia with (L-R) Cameron & Tia Bride Sami in May 2019, Bride Liz August 2020, and Bride Lindsay October 2019

A year and a half later, Andi got engaged. The night her fiancé proposed, an email found its way to our inbox. With no wedding date and no venue, she was ready to book us. We’re sure that she knows how much her bestie paid for our services, that shockingly cheap $750 – aka the definition of budget-friendly. Yet, Andi was more than happy to book us at $3,200 with a $500 travel cost. She didn’t bat an eyelash and worked out their schedule to choose the one August Saturday that we were still free for her wedding date. We call this the Bridesmaid Buy-In.

Marketing Tool for Photographers: The Bridesmaid Buy-In
Tia with (L-R) Cameron & Tia Bride Kelsey June 2018 and Bride Danielle October 2017

The Bridesmaid Buy-In is our best marketing tool. Because not only will brides be excited to book us no matter the cost, but they are our most qualified leads. They already know how our process works, they know what to expect, and they are excited for what’s to come. So in turn, they become our easiest, least fussy, and least stressful clients ever.

Marketing Tool for Photographers: The Bridesmaid Buy-In
Cameron & Tia with Cameron & Tia Couples The Mitchells married November 2017 and The Williamses married November 2019

So what’s the point of the Bridesmaid Buy-In? It’s our number one marketing effort. It’s the source of most of our weddings and especially the source of the couples that just feel like friends. Clients turn into raving fans = more bookings = the life you’ve always wanted!

Marketing Tool for Photographers: The Bridesmaid Buy-In
Cameron & Tia with Cameron & Tia Couples The Johnsons married September 2018, The Rathmanners married November 2018, and The Sybrants married November 2019

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