Surprise Proposal

Sep 30

Surprise Proposal

So you want to do a surprise proposal?! We know people are stepping up their games with how they pop the question and we want to help you as you try to find and plan that perfect moment. So let’s go through each step together.

Get a Ring

We know it sounds obvious, but you cannot miss this detail because it’s the most important one! Make sure you know her size, her diamond preference and everything about what she wants in a ring!

friends and family see the ring for the first time
Friends and family gathering

Book Some Photographers!

She will love having this authentic moment documented. So check out photographers that she follows on Instagram, or photographers you’ve see at friends’ weddings and book them! Do this sooner than later, because as photographers, we know that they get booked pretty quickly. Another tip is to pick people who aren’t her just direct friends with a fancy camera. Photographers are trained for this and WILL get that magical shot. Also, if she sees her friends with their DSLR out, we promise the surprise will be blown!

Families celebrating marriage
Surprise Proposal on a boat on Lake Minnetonka

Pick a Date (Avoid Holidays)

Choose a day that feels normal, if you pick a holiday then there is hype and it’s already special AND she will expect it. So allow there to be a “slow-burn” if you will. Meaning make it feel like a normal day with a walk in the park or a nice but also normal dinner date. That way she doesn’t expect it!

Surprise Wedding Proposal on Lake Minnetonka
Surprise Proposal St Thomas Dance Team

Plan the Day But Go With the Flow

Again, normal but nice is the key! Do something you both love to do together, that way it’s not something else you have to be nervous or excited about. Know that the day does not have to be perfect or be on track with the timeline you planned. Go with the flow, have a few things planned and run with it. The day will still be special no matter what!

Lake Minnetonka Surprise Proposal Minneapolis

Hide the Ring

Another obvious point, but just be smart and don’t check your pocket every 10 seconds. Unless you have holes in your pockets or you’re doing a bunch of cartwheels then we promise the ring is still there!!

Lakeside Sparklers in Minneapolis, MN


Have a great day and be yourself.

Proposal Surprise

We hope these little tips helped you plan your special day.

And guess what?! We do surprise proposal shoots and promise you special someone will never see us coming!

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