Q&A About Building | Part 3

Sep 29

Building our Dream Home continues! We’ve got a long video for you today filled with the juiciest info and updates!! Watch for an in-depth Q&A about building, contractors, pricing, and more! PLUS an update inside our house. If you’re looking to build and want some of the deets, then stay tuned!

Ya’ll thank you for sending in your questions! I literally didn’t know anything about building, so I totally get you if you’re the same. If you’re thinking about building your home, then I hope this helped you. Incase I missed something, feel free to ask me even more questions and DM us on Instagram. Stick around for even more house updates and moving videos in the near future!

Watch Part 2 if you haven’t yet or if you need to catch up on all of our Building Our Dream Home series then go check it out!

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