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How To: Senior Photography Posing + Tips

Cameron and Tia take you behind the scenes of a real senior session. Learn their tips and tricks and how to communicate with your seniors!

Today we are taking you behind the scenes of a real life session with Jocelyn! You get to see us pose a real senior and get to see how we interact with her during a session, as well as the real finished product photos! She absolutely rocked it! Keep in mind this was a WINDY day! But, you won’t always get perfect days for shoots.

There are a few tips that we ALWAYS go to while shooting! Add motion to a static pose by just rocking forward and back!

Tip 1:

Add motion to a static pose just by rocking forward and back!

Tip 2:

A head tipped towards the camera is always super flattering!

Tip 3:

If having them do something again, make it clear “it’s you, not them!”

Tip 4:

Once they get more comfortable, allow them to choose arm variations to add their own spice!

Tip 5:

Use their clothing or accessories to make the shoot more personalized!

We hope you enjoyed this REAL behind the scenes senior session! We are so excited to be putting out more behind the scenes videos like this in the future too! As always subscribe to our YouTube Channel for a new video every Thursday! YAY!

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