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3 Posing Prompts for Candid Couples Photos

We share with you 3 of our go to posing prompts for the candid reactions we are all looking for! We love these and can’t wait to share!

Today’s video we are show you 3 posing prompts to get the candid photos that everyone is looking for! We will be showing you the prompts in action with a real couple AND the finished product of them too! These are some of our go to prompts and always result in some candid photo magic to make sure to watch this video and try these at your next shoot!

Our 3 Prompts

Prompt 1: Swaying Prom Pose

We love this pose and it allows us to try many different variations for different options! Plus, it gets the couple moving which is the goal for a candid looking photo! Having your couple start to sway super fast can result in a super silly moment with big belly laughs which is what we want!

Prompt 2: Count Down Game

This is such a fun pose we do because it really creates an experience for our couples. We tell our couples to look at each other and on the count of 3 say the same word. This usually results in tons of giggles and laughs! So perfect and fun!

Prompt 3: Slingshot

This one is sure to get you those laughs and giggles you are looking for! It can be a little crazy and you have to shoot quickly to get good deliverables. If you are struggling, tell them now, to do it in slow motion! This will obviously slow them down but still be a hilarious experience for them!

We hoped you loved this video and saw some things that you are going to incorporate into your next session! We had so much fun filming and creating this for you! As always be sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel! We are going to be posting more behind the scenes videos like this so you won’t want to miss it! Thanks for watching and we will see you next Thursday!

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