Posing for Photographers: The Four “CONS”

Oct 8

Posing is one of our favorite topics! We’re so excited to go in-depth about the four pillars in our posing-for-purpose system. We call them CONs because they start with C-O-N, but they are far from being actual cons. These tools will help you become self-aware so that your clients can have the best experience!



Confidence IS key. Without confidence, you’ve failed before you’ve even arrived at the location. It’s blunt, but it’s true. If you’re nervous and stressed out, that will show to your clients. Clients are already nervous coming to shoot, this isn’t something they normally do. So if you’re not confident then they’ll become more anxious and lose that trust.


We go to professionals for everything! When we get our hair done, our car fixed, etc.! In this case, we are professional photographers. Clients might feel like they have to suggest things like a pose or a backdrop, but you are in control. You tell them where to go, how to pose, and how to act.

Constant Feedback

Without constant feedback, clients will second guess themselves, and that trust will break down. We believe that there shouldn’t be more than 3 seconds of silence. It could be more directions, reinforcement or just cheering them on. Write some phrases down and practice them so you can be a feedback machine!


The connection is the cherry on top, it might not be as necessary but it’s what makes posing truly purposeful. Once you connect there’s trust, and with more trust, you get to pull out even more emotions from the couple. It’s important so the clients feel comfortable showing their emotions & doing a little bit of PDA. Again, connection really is the cherry on top!

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