Picking Your Wedding Photographer

Dec 9

Brackett's Country Club Fall Wedding

Picking your wedding photographer is tough! As much as we want to photograph you and your fiance, we know that sometimes we’re not the right duo for you and that is okay! We’re here to help you either way and want to let you in on some tips to figuring out who to hire as your wedding photographers.

Find Your Style

Picking your wedding photographer
Picking your wedding photographer

Look through Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook. Simply put, do your research and figure out your own aesthetic. Every photographer has their own style and does things differently when it comes to shooting and editing. Figure out whether you like super bright colors, warm-toned photos, or true to color. Remember that you will have these photos forever and so figuring out what you want is important. Don’t choose a photographer who only shoots and edits in a documentary vibe if you don’t think you’ll appreciate it in the long run. Find a style that speaks to you and that will be timeless. This will definitely narrow your search when picking your wedding photographer.

Brackett's Country Club Fall Wedding

Find People and Meet Them in Person

Cameron and Tia Photography  based in Minneapolis, MN

Do your research and figure out what who you like. Look at reviews, at their portfolio and ask some of their old clients. Find them, narrow them down and then set up meetings. This is crucial. You want to make sure you vibe well with that because if you don’t then be prepared for an awkward wedding day! Plus it’s good to hang out with your photographers, because then they can get a feel for the type of couple you are too… trust us, we know!

Picking your wedding photographer

Compare the Options

Hopefully you set up a budget before you met with anyone, that way you can know if someone is completely out of your price range. But now it’s time to compare the numbers and the packages that each business offered. So figure it out, how much do you pay and how much do you get out of it? Do you get a complimentary engagement session? How many hours do you get until you have to pay extra for more time? Did your personalities match more with one place than the other? Who do you want with you on your day? So yes, compare every little detail!!

Cameron and Tia Photography based in Minneapolis, MN
Picking your wedding photographer in Duluth, MN

You’ve got this! Best of luck and guess what, we’re booking for 2021! So feel free to contacts us and ask any and all questions that you may have!

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