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Photography Gear | Part 1

The duo is back and today we’re chatting ALL about our photography gear. We’re breaking down our favorite lenses, a perfect starter kit, and more. So let’s dive into all the juicy details & build your gear collection together!

The duo is back and today we’re chatting ALL about photography gear. In fact, we have SO much we want to share that we’ve split this up into a two-part video. So let’s dive into all the juicy details & build your gear collection together!

Our First Pieces of Gear

The VERY first piece of gear Cam had was a Canon Rebel XSi with the kit lens. However, you should keep in mind what you’re shooting when you decide. You don’t need to buy the same exact camera we had or any other photographer has, focus on your needs. Are you a sports photographer or shooting portraits, weddings, nature? For instance, once we transitioned from sports photography to wedding photography, we switched our gear.

Adding More Lenses

The process of upgrading your lenses can be slow and steady. We continued to upgrade as our photography evolved and we starting doing TONS of portraits. So we got some prime lenses & continued to build from there. This way we were able to capture different feels in our photos & get different types of shots.

Where to Research Gear

The Internet is seriously SO incredible and has a LARGE collection of camera information. You can follow along with sources that share rumors about future gear to see where the market’s going. There are websites and blogs that compare gear. Plus you can check out YouTube so you can actually see the camera and how it performs in real-time. Again, there are truly tons of resources.

Where to Purchase Gear

We love B&H, Adorama, and even Best Buy. The big thing to look at is the warranty and price point. Where’s the cheapest option? Which stores include a warranty or cashback?

New, Used or Refurbished

All of these options are great, but it will totally depend on what stage you’re in. If you’re new and just starting you might want discounted/used gear. If you’re established and upgrading, then maybe you go with new. We are also a huge fan of refurbished items because you get a discount and you know that someone has checked that the camera/lens works.

Wedding Gear Starter Kit

You need a body you know and love. When it comes to lenses it will depend on personal preference. For example, we love having a variety of prime lenses so that we have a lens suited to all the different scenarios. You could also go for zoom lenses which would allow you to have fewer lenses than if you chose prime. Also, some sort of off-camera flash is ideal, but that could depend if you’re using a lot of natural light. Lastly, if you are able to have backups of everything do it, even your camera body! …And of course, don’t forget batteries & memory cards!

Our Next Purchase

We recently pre-ordered the new Canon R5 and are SO pumped to be getting this camera body. Next up on our list is the RF 85mm lens so that we can upgrade and have a second 85mm so we can both shoot with it when we’re not together. We know it’s all a HUGE investment, but we know we will use all of these to death!

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