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How to Photograph a Proposal

Today we talk about how to photograph a proposal. We discuss the do’s and dont’s to ensure the proposal is perfect.

Have you been asked to photograph a proposal? Don’t worry! Learn from our mistakes and what we do to ensure we get every moment. We have tips, tricks, do’s and don’t for you. Shooting a proposal is exciting and a very special moment for your clients. So, you need to be prepared! You get one shot, so let’s make sure you are prepared!

Some things to take away from this video:

Get on a Facetime Call with Whoever is Reaching Out!

This is important for two reasons, so he knows what you look like and you can discuss clear expectations for the proposal. You don’t want any confusions.

Learn his vision and clarify the level of privacy expected.

Explain to them how you are able to make this work for them. You could either be completely hidden or visible but hard to spot. This is important because if the the person getting proposed to know who you are or have been following you for a while, you might want to be completely hidden. Talk it through!

Explain your Packages for Proposals

Every photographer is different in what they provide. Your client may have an expectation that they are wanting you to uphold. So, make it clear what you offer and what they will be receiving!

Share Both Locations for the Day

This makes it so you can track as they are getting closer to the location so that you don’t have to be texting updates as the moment gets closer. You don’t want to have to text and bring up red flags to the person getting proposed to!

Show them Exactly where to Kneel

This is important and the person you are talking to likely doesn’t have an exact vision of where they should kneel. If you are able to send them a picture of exactly where to kneel this is going to end in the best photos possible. Make sure to let them know when they should expect the photo so that they are ready!

I hope you enjoyed this video and it will help you better prepare for your next proposal! Share with us in the comments some of your fun proposal stories! Check out our YouTube Channel for more fun and educational videos!

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