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Our Wedding Day

We got married on September 10th, 2016, and we truly believe that we had the most magical day. As we enter this new season of our business, we are so excited to watch our clients experience their own day, just like we did seven months ago.

September Bliss

We got married on September 10th, 2016, and we truly believe that we had the most magical day. It was one of those September days where the world was warm, the air was crisp, and everything felt just right. We stood in a beautiful barn, surrounded by the people we love the most, as happy and proud as we have ever been. That was our day. Perfect beyond belief.

As we enter this new season of our business, we are so excited to watch our clients experience their own day, just like we did seven months ago. Surrounded by the cutest, blushing brides, doe-eyed and ready to conquer the planning world, we get to chat over coffee about all of their dreams and visions. We LOVE the wedding planning process and are so happy to get to be a part of it over and over again. But having been on both sides, we know how easy it is to get caught up and lost in what is important.


A Little Recap

When we went to put together a post of all of our favorite things from our own wedding, we had the hardest time narrowing it down. Seriously, car rides together were spent debating whether we liked this or that better. And don’t get us wrong, even beyond the photos and video, we absolutely ADORED so many of our vendors. The flowers were stunning and the food was delicious, but when it came down to it, our favorite things were the little moments we shared and all those who helped make our day amazing.

So when you get hung up on the chargers or the centerpieces and it feels like your world could explode, or when you can’t decide between the fish or the ribs, just take a breath and remember what will really last after the day is done. Of all the weddings we have attended, we can’t remember the intricacies of the décor or whether the bridesmaids’ shoes matched. We remember the way the couple made us feel; watching them so in love, swinging each other around on the dance floor. We remember the special moments. Join us in reliving ours.


NUMBER ONE: hands down, our ceremony

When we asked Alex to officiate our wedding, we had pretty high hopes. He’s charismatic and funny and a fantastic public speaker. He’s also one of our oldest and dearest friends. The three of us have known each other since elementary school. He was best friends with Tia in fourth grade and he roomed with Cam in college. Alex watched us grow up and watched our relationship flourish. It was so special knowing that someone who knew else so well was marrying us. We never expected just how incredible he would be. He had everyone laughing, reminiscing, and crying their hearts out, and he hit our relationship on the head. We have no idea how we will ever repay him for something so amazing.

Our ceremony also featured passages and poems from Emily and Marissa. They were complete surprises to us and so, so special. We also chose to write and memorize our own vows for the ceremony. And while Tia couldn’t quite master the memorization and Cam could’t quite get through them without chocking up, they were the perfect embodiment of our love for each other.

NUMBER TWO: our friends and their amazing talents

Hanna and David built us an arbor, Steven, Nate, and Bridget made our lawn games, Tessa made us a photo backdrop, Gina baked us a cake, Jordan made our custom signs, Sydney created our table numbers, and Marissa helped us hang the dollies on our backdrop. Our friends are unique and so incredibly talented, and having little pieces of their work displayed at our wedding made it so much more special.

NUMBER THREE: our surprise father/daughter/mother/son dance

We met up for four rehearsals to put together a four minute dance to perform at the reception. Everything from Spice Girls, to Footloose, to the highlight – Hot in Herre. Roger and Amy got down!

NUMBER FOUR: our video

We see so many brides on the fence about a videography, YOU GUYS, you must! Don’t delay! It is so special. There are so many moments that we catch glimpses of that there was no way for us to be a part of. We’ve watched it over and over and it takes us back to the exact feeling of our wedding day. A million thanks to Laura Sukowatey!

NUMBER FIVE: our favorite people

Our friends and family provided so much support, guidance, and love leading up to our wedding and on the big day. So many special people joined us on our wedding day and we couldn’t be more thankful.

If there’s one takeaway from wedding planning, this is it: share the day with the ones you love. Everything else – cake toppers and chair covers – will never matter as much.

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All photos by the wonderful Tessa June Photography


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