Our Review of the Canon EOS R5

Nov 25

Today we’ve got a fun one for you, we’re giving you our review on the Canon EOS R5. This is an overview of what we think after shooting on it for a little over 1 month now. Spoiler alert – we are so glad we were able to get our hands on this camera. Let’s dive into the deets!

Why We Chose the R5

Cam is admittedly a gear-nut. He’s been hearing the rumors & then seeing the specs & watching the initial reviews of ambassadors using the R5. It was a big jump for camera gear which made it super exciting to use & learn. Plus, from a business perspective it was something we knew would be an investment that could take our photography business to the next level. Then on a personal note, it’s also better for our lifestyle & traveling since it’s nice & light.

R5 vs. R6

Overall, the R5 is just better and we wanted to have the best of the best. What you choose to invest in is important. We like to look at the long run, the end-game & where we see our business going. So we chose the R5 because it’s a better camera & it makes financial sense for our business now & the future of our business.

Favorite Features

New Focusing Capabilities

The eye-detect is a game-changer! It’s nice that we can trust our gear to always be in-focus rather than having to adjust every time we were re-framing. Seriously, it almost feels like cheating. It’s fast, accurate & now we literally have to cull too many images!!

In-body Stabilization

We didn’t have that in any camera before & now we love this new addition. Now when there’s low light we can get a sharp image without having to sacrifice the ISO. Even in our movement prompts, where we might be running, this feature removes any blurred movement.

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