Our Puppy Bella

Nov 29

Cameron and Tia Photography with their puppy Bella

The Story of Bella

All photos by Amanda of Uppercase L Photography

As I sit here on the couch typing this blog post, Bella cuddles in the chair next to me. A Goodwill find right after college, the chair is blue and plush and Bella treats it like her throne. As we crank out late hours, she sleeps next to us. When we’re frustrated and needing a break, Bella nudges us to play outside with her. If you can’t tell yet, we’re quite obsessed with Bella. So we thought we better hop on here and tell you the story of how we got Bella.


Uptown Puppies

While it’s easy to say that Bella’s story began at our housewarming party, really I should take you back a few months. We were living in a loft apartment in Uptown that didn’t allow dogs. Yet every day that spring I ran around Lake Calhoun and watched all the pups pass me by and would come back home to Cam begging him to get a dog. Neither of us had had a dog growing up and while Cam had wanted one his whole life, this was a newfound desire for me. As the end of our lease approached, we started the house search. The market was crazy and it took a bit to find something, but once our lease was up, we were closing on our little yellow (then blue-ish grey) house.


Housewarming Party

A few weeks after we closed we closed, we welcomed our friends into our new first (!!!) home for our housewarming party. As the party dwindled down, four of our friends hung around and we started talking about how we were considering fostering a dog. Our new neighbors were frequent fosterers and had inspired us. Plus, it seemed like the “adult” financial decision to make since we had just bought a new house – did we really need the puppy expenses too? We spent hours that night searching different foster websites and had even landed on a dog we loved and sent them an email. But it was too late.


Humane Society

The next morning, I was running errands and for some reason drove past the Coon Rapids Humane Society. I’ll be honest, I had never driven that way before, so it does seem like a tiny ounce of fate. I walking in and strolled the aisles and then stumbled upon Bella. She was tiny and looked so incredibly sad. I immediately called Cam and told him he needed to leave work (he was working at the law firm at this time) and come see her. I put her on hold, waited for him to come from St. Paul and then we brought her into one of those rooms to play with her. Here’s the thing, she was not interested in us at all. She was way more interested in the toys. But for some reason, we were already hooked and we adopted her that day!


We had nothing; no food, toys, bed, and the back of our fence wasn’t even connected. She literally could have come home and ran away. But somehow it worked! Want to hear more about the story of Bella? Do you have a furry friend at home that you adore? Share with us below about your pup!




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