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Olivia – Wayzata Senior

Wayzata High School Senior Photography

This Wayzata senior had an amazing session in downtown Excelsior! We hit up the textured walls, the beach, and the docks. Olivia rocked it out on this super hot day!

Downtown Excelsior Senior Session

Get ready for this Wayzata Senior Session. Let’s preface this, Olivia’s day for her Excelsior shoot was HOT, hot, hot!! We were a bit nervous about having a shoot on this day and almost rescheduled. But Olivia was excited and ready to go. So we said, “let’s do it!” And daaaaaang, did this girl work it!! We can’t even tell from the photos that it was the hottest, most humid day. She tried everything and brought the biggest, sweetest smile! So kudos to you, Miss Olivia!

Downtown Excelsiors really offers three totally different landscapes. The main area is the downtown buildings. There are TONS of textures, colors, and fun backdrops in that area. The second area is the docks. The docks offer a beautiful view of the bay and if you have a sunset session, the light is gorgeous. The last area is the beach. You can hop out and walk in the sand. Plus you get a gorgeous view of the coastlines on each side. At the beginning of each Excelsior session, we ask for our senior’s preference. Olivia chose all three!

Scroll through and see her more formal black outfit in the downtown area. That totally made sense to pop against some of the bright colored backdrops. We also did her cute slate blue mini dress in the downtown area since it fit those backdrops too. Then for the beach and docks, we put on her more casual romper. We knew that the cream and white would pop against the water, plus it would be fun to have her orange shoes in those locations too. We loved how that turned out!

Enjoy Olivia’s session! We adored Olivia. She is just the sweetest and absolutely rocked it out! We are so freakin’ excited to share these images from her Senior Experience!

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