Olivia Anderson

Jul 30

The Best Kind of Senior Experience

Three adjectives to describe Miss Olivia: easy-going, fun-loving, and authentic. Those descriptors just so happen to also be the words we use to describe our ideal Cameron & Tia Senior. And so, Olivia is our first Class of 2018 senior to hit the blog! Woohoo! Enjoy her Senior Experience!

We spent the evening at the end of July at one of our staple locations: the Arboretum. We hit all of our favorite spots in the Arb, but then spent some extended time out in the fields on the three-mile-drive. This girl laughed her way through her session, with flawless hair flips and crinkly eyes to boot! We apologize in advance, there are way too many giggling pics in this post, but we couldn’t resist. You’ve got to check out this beauty. We had the best night with Olivia and her mama and wish her the most amazing senior year! She deserves it!

Looking back on our Senior Experiences with the Class of 2018, we realize it is so important to go in with the goal to just laugh it up the entire time. Olivia’s experience sticks out in our mind because it was SUCH a good time! We want that for all of our seniors!

Olivia Class of 2018 Senior Experience with Cameron and Tia

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