Workflows: Why We Live by them

Aug 12

A case of the Mondays…

Workflows for photography businesses

Don’t worry, we swear, we know it’s Wednesday. But today we’re chatting about workflows.

Have you ever had something just fall through the cracks? You get to a week out from an engagement session and no location is even set? Or you forgot to send the confirmation for your start time back to the planner? These little things make our palms sweat. Which is why we liiiiiiiive by workflows.

Workflows for photography businesses
Business tips for working through client communication

We keep lists of tasks that we repeat over and over. They keep us on track and allow us to provide the same quality experience and communication to each and every one of our clients. One of our biggest sets of workflows is our Monday Workflow.

So today, we’re pulling back the curtain and telling you exactly what we do each and every Monday before even opening our inbox or diving into a new project.

Business tips for photography

Let’s break it down!

1. Cull, Edit, and draft up our blog from the wedding last weekend. Draft up our delivery email to the couple and delivery email to the vendors. Get everything ready for posting the blog tomorrow at noon!

2. Mail our anniversary photos! We send a sweet note and 8×10 print to our couples on their first anniversary. Everything is already prepped by our summer intern, so we just pop it in the mail.

3. Prep for our wedding in the coming weekend: put the family shot list in the most efficient order possible, print the timelines and shot list (yes, we’re hard copy people for this), put the vendor list/links in the blog post draft (to post next Tuesday), and send a confirmation to the couple (that just says, “hey, we’ll be there at X time at X place, cannot freakin’ wait!”

4. Confirm the appointments two weeks from now. We send two week confirmations to all of our engagement sessions coming up. Just a quick note with a couple reminders, but we want them to feel taken care of and majorly pumped!

5. Send out our questionnaire to the wedding client six weeks from now. We love to send it to them at six weeks out, they reply at about five weeks, we ask any quick questions, and then we are out of their hair. At this point, they know everything that is needed for the questionnaire, and then we don’t demand their time as we get closer to the wedding date.

6. Set a goal for the week. In our mastermind, The Cultivated Mastermind, we set a goal every Monday to keep us accountable. I put my own goal in there, and then check in to make sure everyone else pops on.

7. Lastly, we share the engagement session blog post for the couple getting married this weekend on our social channels to celebrate!!

Workflows for photography businesses
Workflows for photography businesses

What do you think?

That’s it!! As always, this is just to inspire ya! Do you do any of these things? Are you just missing the formal list of the workflow? Well, let us tell ya, we love the lists. Since we literally do this every single week, I’m sure we have it almost memorized, but why waste the brain space remembering it? Instead, we can just quickly reference the list.

Workflows for photography businesses
Workflows for photography businesses

Y’all into this? Let’s keep the party going! We’ve got a free guide for y’all!!

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