Jamie + Aaron Engaged

Apr 11

Long Beach Destination Engagement Session Cameron and Tia Photography

Long Beach Destination Engagement Session

There are few things that we love more than a destination engagement session. We get to go somewhere that our couples love (or are so excited to explore for the first time). In this case, we got to head to Long Beach, where Jamie and Aaron started their relationship and spent tons of their time. We also get to shoot in new situations and we’re totally biased now because the California beach light is unbeatable. Like, we can’t even with this warm, glowing light shining over the water. Now, we cannot wait to be back to photograph Jamie and Aaron’s Los Angeles wedding at Smoky Hollow Studios. A few blocks from the ocean, it will be the perfect backdrop for a celebration.

Considering a Destination Session?

We LOVE Minnesota too and it holds so much scenery. There’s a great city skyline and beautiful lakes and lush gardens. BUT everyone is going there and there are still many things good old Minne doesn’t have: mountains, deserts, oceans with beaches. So think about spicing it up! Your friends and family will adore the fresh view and envy that they didn’t think about doing their engagement pictures somewhere else too.  We absolutely love going new places together. Whether we’re shooting or not, the experience itself is so much fun. A destination engagement session is yet another excuse to get away with your fiancé and have a blast. You can take a moment away from crazy work schedules and wedding planning to simply be together and enjoy each others company with a new view.

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