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Lauren Lockwood

Please don’t miss the final images of her set at Excelsior. We had this stunning, warm sunset and Lauren rocked it in a flowing, dramatic dress. We are obsessed with spinning in a warm sunset vibe!

History with Lauren

We first met Lauren when we photographed her older sister’s senior photos way back in summer 2014 at Excelsior.  There are few things sweeter than reconnecting with families after shooting siblings earlier in our career. One of the best parts is seeing the siblings that have come into their own. And boy oh boy, has Lauren grown up since then into a poised confident young woman who radiates beauty inside and out.

The Lockwoods are such a kind and generous family. When we photographed Lauren’s sister, Lydia, we had just broken into the Jefferson High School market and we were having our first full senior photography summer. The Lockwoods sang our praises and sent business our way and have been supporting us ever since. Families like this are the reason we keep our roots planted in senior photography.

While Lauren’s shoot was a beautiful summer day, Lydia’s poured rain. And thus is the start of our most vivid memory of young Lauren. We were all going to head to our second location, which looked like on the radar would have less rain. We all hustled out to the cars in the pouring rain with umbrellas over our head. Lauren hopped in the car first with her umbrella sticking out the car door which blocked her sister, who was full glam for her senior photos with hair and make up all done, from getting in the car and left her soaking in the rain. It was a hilarious memory to say the least.

Excelsior Senior Experience

From our first memory of Lauren to the young woman she is now, was quite the transformation. It was such a pleasure to get Lauren now behind the camera and to step into her own light. She was confident and excited for her session. Once she got warmed up, she was on fire with sweet half “smizes”, daggers-in-her-eyes smolders, and the biggest, most genuine smiles. She spun in circles and swung her skirts with ease and conviction. Plus, this girl just has an aura of coolness. She rocks!

As she graduates this spring, we can’t wait to see what she does next and follow along on her journey! Congrats, Lauren! PS: please don’t miss the final images of her set. We had this stunning, warm sunset and Lauren rocked it in a flowing, dramatic dress. Those photos are our favs! Get it girl!

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