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Megan + Ran Engaged

We love to join our couples somewhere that’s special to them and Lake Calhoun was that for Megan and Ran. We had a wonderful winter engagement session!

Lake Calhoun Engagement Session

Sometimes we join our couples at a location that they think is pretty – and that’s great. Sometimes we go somewhere based on their personalities, too. And then the best situation is when we go somewhere that means something to the couple (and they think is pretty and it matches their personalities) – win, win, win. That’s exactly what we did with Megan and Ran! That’s what made this Lake Calhoun engagement perfect!

We just adored Megan and Ran the second we met them at their consultation. They are freakin’ adorable. We heard all about their cat and their amazing first date story. So we knew that their engagement session was going to be so fun too!

Luckily, Minnesota gave us a relatively warm day for their e-session. Which really, in the winter, that’s all you can ask for: a day warm enough to not freeze your fingers but cold enough to keep the pretty snow on the ground. That’s exactly what they got. Pair that with this pretty glow (that turned fiery orange at the end of the night) and you’ve got a winning combination.

We are SO freakin’ excited to celebrate these two in October. Their wedding will be at the amazing Aria. We love getting to photograph at Aria (see the last time we were there last year). It lets us mix a lot of creativity into the day and we work with a lot of things that we typically don’t – shadows, different lighting, and North Loop textures. Their day is sure to be amazing!

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