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Lauren + Adam Anniversary

We are straight obsessed with Lahaina, Maui, so it was an absolute dream to get to photograph Lauren and Adam there!

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii Anniversary Session

We absolutely loved photographing Lauren and Adam’s anniversary session at Lahaina on Maui, Hawaii! Now here’s the deal. Cam and I had been wanting to travel to Hawaii for the longest time, but it didn’t seem like it was going to work into our travel plans for 2019. Then, we had a wedding that was supposed to be May and postponed to December. Then, we saw a nuts flash sale for plane tickets to Hawaii. And with all of our points saved up, we flew for free!

We love, love, loved our trip to Hawaii (in fact, it was #1 on our Top 8 Moments of 2019). Maui just really stole our hearts. We loved how you could be at a tropical beach and then drive two hours and be in the jungle mountains. There was so much to explore and we can’t wait to be back – or buy property there 😉

When we planned our trip to Maui, we knew we wanted to photograph someone, but have most of our trip be relaxing. We posted on our instagram just to see if anyone was possibly going to be on Maui and lo and behold, Lauren and Adam, who’s wedding we would photograph right before the trip, were taking their honeymoon there! Turns out, they were staying in Lahaina two resorts down from us!

So we’re calling this an anniversary session just because they were already married, so we’ll classify everything post-marriage an anniversary session, haha. We picked them up at their resort and head to a pretty vista in Lahaina that we had found. The sun was intense and it was unlike any other light we had shot with before. But we loved just capturing a little bit of them with palm trees and beaches. They were even kind enough to offer to take some photos with us. Afterwards, we went out to Ramen and drank sangria and it was the best!! Enjoy these fun Lahaina, Maui photos!

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