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2021 Instagram Reels Tutorial

We are talking all about Instagram Reels and why you should be using them. Let’s make your first Instagram Reel today!

If you are feeling stagnant in growing your instagram following, this is for you! Today we are chatting everything Instagram Reels in 2021. We will go over what the 2021 Instagram Reels currently looks like, why you should be making reels and some Instagram reel ideas for you to make! I want you to take the leap and make your first reel today. You won’t regret it!

Here are a couple timestamps for you!

2:16- Reels Setting and Options

I’m sure most of you have used Tiktok and are familiar with it by now. Although Instagram reels have the same concept they are made differently and offer different features. Here I go in depth of each feature and how to use it!

9:43- Using Videoleap (How I Make my Reels)

Instagram reels can be hard to use and may be hard to adapt too. So, I use an app called Videoleap. It makes creating video so much easier.

11:23- How to Save your Tiktok Videos to use for Instagram Reels

It is already time consuming and tasking having to make a TikTok. Now that Instagram Reels are out, there is a need to post frequently there as well. I show you how to save your TikTok videos so that you are able to post them on Instagram without the TikTok logo bouncing around!

14:13- Ideas for Instagram Reels

Okay, you are ready to post an Instagram Reel, but what the heck do you post? I give you a few video ideas to get you started!

Now that you have all the information you need, let’s post your first reel! I challenge you to get on Instagram and get creating! This is going to up your Instagram game and get you out of that rut. Good luck! Check out out YouTube channel for more educational videos!

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