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How to Edit Text on Instagram Reels

We walk through everything you need to know when it comes to using text in your instagram reels. Start using Reels today!

Reels are a new introduction to Instagram but are must like TikTok. But, if you have made an instagram reel you know that creating text in your reel can be a little challenging. It is important to get timing right, finding the perfect font and perfect color for your reel. I will walk through text on instagram reels using my tips and tricks to achieve the best final product.

Instagram Reels are an amazing tool for small businesses because it allows you to obtain a greater reach with each post. So, if you have not started making reels yet this is your sign to start now! Don’t wait! Not only is this going to increase your reach but it is another way for you to be creative and inform your audience in a different way than just a photo/caption!

Let’s get started!

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