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10 INSTAGRAM REELS Ideas for Photographers

Today we show your 10 possible Instagram Reel ideas for you to try out! We can’t wait to see what reels you create!

In today’s Youtube video we are giving you 10 Instagram Reel ideas for all our fellow photographers out there! More than ever it is important that you are using the Reels feature on Instagram to help you reach a larger audience and more people that might want your services! We are so excited to share these with you so take a look!

10 Instagram Reel Ideas

Behind the Scenes of you in Action

This is probably most of our Reel content because, we get to show our potential clients what it would look like to work with us. They get to see how we communicate with our clients, how our clients are reacting to our prompts and poses! It is definitely a go to for us!

A Tour of your Gear

This is a great Reel for our fellow photographers. This is probably one of our most frequently asked questions, which is a great way to find ideas for other reels as well! Make reels catered to your audience. What do they want to know?

Explain your Posing

Let your audience know what kind of poses you do, and HOW you do them! People are dying to know and this not only educates your fellow photographers but also potential clients!

Explain your Shooting

This is another great idea for our fellow photographers! Explaining how you chose the camera settings you did for certain shots or why you chose them is a great Reel idea! This can also help your clients better understand the ideal lighting that you are looking for or why did my photographers choose this spot for photos!

A Wedding Day in 30 Seconds

People love to see behind the scenes of a wedding day. It gives people a look into what you as the photographer are doing during a wedding day as well as gives inspiration and ideas to future bride and grooms!

Office Tour

Like before, people love to see behind the scenes! People might shy away from showing their work space because it may be on the couch or at the kitchen table. But, don’t hold back from showing that. People want to know what your real life is like. When in doubt be authentic with your audience, it always does well!

Something that is Relatable to your Peers

This is a great chance for you to get creative, grab sounds and make a little skit that might be relatable to other photographers! This is always a hit and is a way to show off your humor!

A Day in your Life

This is such a fun way to show everyone what it’s really like to be a photographer! Show them that shooting is just a little part of ALL of the other things I do. People are interested in what you do behind Instagram and behind shooting a wedding! Show them what it’s really like to live a day in your shoes!

Packaging Something

People love to see a transformation, this could be putting together your client gifts! This could also be how you put together a styled shoot! This is another great way to show what you do behind the scnes!

Show Some Trends

Show your clients awesome new trends in the industry like ceremony backdrops, color pallets, florals, etc. Inspiration always does amazing on social media!

We hope you loved this video and are excited to try some of these ideas out in your next Instagram Reel! Remember to keep creating and inspiring! If you want more videos just like this remember to check out our YouTube channel and subscribe so you don’t miss out! We have new videos every Thursday!

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