How to Use Presets

Dec 3

Fellow photographers – we’re breaking down everything you need to know about presets! Where do you find presets? How do you make it your own? What’s our process? We’re chatting about all of those things and more right here, right now!

Where to Find Presets

Before you can use them, you’ll need to find them! The world is seriously full of so many preset options for you to find & use.

From Photographers

Often times, the photographers you already follow and love either have presets that they sell OR they use presets themselves. It doesn’t hurt to DM them and ask.

The Internet

We know it sounds obvious, but we still have to say it! Simply google keywords that describe the type of editing style you’re looking for and the word, presets, and you’re all set. Most likely, something will pop up!

Facebook Communities

Sometimes companies that have a lot of packs have Facebook groups where people will talk about those presets. They might share examples of the presets being used on different pictures or even compare the company’s preset to a preset you haven’t heard of.


We also know that a lot of people have found success on Etsy. It’s an easy place for photographers or influencers to post & sell their presets, so you gotta check it out!

How to Use Presets

Upload Your Preset

Luckily, most presets come with specific instructions for how to upload your preset once you’ve completed the purchase. So follow the instructions so that you successfully upload your preset into Lightroom.

Apply the Preset

Next, apply the preset to the photo you’d like to edit by going to the right bar & finding your preset.

Start Tweaking

Remember, a preset is a starting point but never truly a one-click process. So once the preset has been applied and you have the base vibes on your photos, it’s time to keep tweaking so that you can make the picture cohesive with your style.

Save the New Settings

If you notice that you’re changing the same things in every picture, then just save those new tweaks as a new preset. Again, one-click presets don’t exist but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little closer!

Our Process

We’ve used a ton of different presets from Mastin to Noble, but we finally have our process down. We literally do everything we just listed above, and we are constantly saving new settings or creating new presets.

Editing styles can evolve & so do the seasons! So we’ve learned how to adapt and learn. We hope this can help you do the same!

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